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Thread: tethered spine bladder and bowel problems

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    My daughter saw a urologist at childrens hosptial ... He decided she did NOT need a urodynamics test. He said if her bladder had problems she would have no control. He said her pee leakage is behavioral. I dont beleive him that she just feels like leaking pee on herself because she'd rather smell bad than go to the bathroom.
    You're right; fire this guy; he's out of his league.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesBosch View Post
    You're right; fire this guy; he's out of his league.
    Even if you need to travel a ways to see a good pediatric specialist remember those visits will be rare once you have all the tests done. A good pediatrician, look maybe for a younger new doctor open to working with a specialist, can handle everything else close to home. Shriner's Hospitals will also help at reduced fees or free if one is within a reasonable distance.

    I've said goodbye to several doctors who had no clue about bladders and bowels too.
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