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Thread: Opinions sought on Galaxy Stimmaster

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    Opinions sought on Galaxy Stimmaster

    While keeping an eye out for an FES bike for my son, I came across a couple of ads for the Galaxy which seems to have the same basic set up as the RTI models.

    The problem is I know next to nothing about them.

    Anyone out there willing to give me some feedback about how good/bad/indifferent the Stimmaster is? The one thing I do know about the Galaxy is that the manufacturer went out of business. Anyone know why? Does this mean there will be no replacement parts available if something breaks?

    If you would prefer not to discuss your views in an open forum, you can contact me offline at

    Mille grazie.

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    I am the owner of a second hand Galaxy and use it regularly. It does not offer the array of configurable parameters of the RTI models but it does what it was designed to do.

    Why Electrologic of America (ELA) went out of business is not clear to me, but it's not due to any failure of the equipment they were producing. Therapeutic Alliances, Inc., the manufacturer of the similarly-designed ERGYS bikes, offers some servicing and replacement parts for the Galaxy, but I don't know that they are equipped to handle every contingency that may arise.

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