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Thread: Lokomat Usage

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    Lokomat Usage

    I currently use a Lokomat 2 times a week for about 50 mins of active usage per week. To benefit as much as possible, how many sessions per week need to be done?

    If you have anything other then personal experience to back up your answer please let me know. Thanks

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    Nobody has any info about Lokomat usage???

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    I'm a new user on Lokomat as of June. We were recommended by our Hocoma rep to complete 2-3 sessions per week and to work up to 60 minutes of walking. Our rep has been doing pediatric training with the lokomat for some time and finds 3x/wk for 6 wks for be effective for her patients. I give my adult patients the option of ending prior to 60 minutes, but 60 minutes is the goal and many of them work up to it. We see our patients on Lokomat 2x/wk for 9 weeks and do not complete other "on-land" treatment (only general HEP and stretching). Still awaiting the outcomes of our first patients as they are just finishing!

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    I don't want to start a new thread, so I'll "borrow" this thread.

    I'm going to be using the Lokomat for the first time later this month. I have a small question for whoever has tried it before. It's more of a logistical/practical questions than a physical one. Due to reflex incontinence, I use an external cath and a legbag. I usually keep the bag around my ankle area and judging by the photos I've seen of the device, that's where they might need to attach straps or whatnot. So basically I'm wondering if I need to move my legbag when I start using the Lokomat and if so, does anyone know where would be a good place to move it to?

    I realize this question may be a bit strange/awkward; I'm just very self-conscious when it comes to where to put my pee so it doesn't get in the way or become too visible.


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    priorityseating.....i use the same....keep it around my outside calf area(left leg) same as you...i did lokomat 3x a week for 8 months......not a problem...the cuff on ankle will be below your bag....and strap should be under knee. going over the hose /where it connects to bag...i would pull my sock over the bag some....there were times that i had to pee while up in problem.....but be sure of these..

    1- when they put the harness on(i would sit on a table,legs off,then lay back) be sure the hose is not kinked.or that your penis is not under the strap..(i would point mine to the left and the strap would kinda be right need to allow for flow)
    2...DO NOT get strapped into the machine/cuffs with anything in your bag..go empty right b4 u get strapped up....when they tighten the straps, the pressure can break a seal..(.it happened to me and it fukin all drained into my sock and sneaker)...
    3 make sure the knee strap is on the hose/hard connector to bag and not on bag under connection or it will cut off room for pee to get into bag and it will back up and "waterballoon" off of you

    the therapists should be aware of all this, im sure your not the 1st with a bag.........
    - Rolling Thru Life -

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    [QUOTE=roc21;1441868]priorityseating.....i use the same....keep it around my outside calf area(left leg) same as you...i did lokomat 3x a week for 8 months......

    Over 8 months what if any changes occurred or progress was made?

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    i had muscle mass growth throughout legs....i dont have much spasticity but what i did have attempt at walking in the litegait became much better...we would do litegait immediatly after the my body/mind still had that movement/motion left leg is ok to right is the prob..hip flexor to advance leg forward and hamstring to lift foor of floor when advancing while in lokomat i would watch the computer readout and work those muscles...........dont just ride it out...make the attempt to activate your muscles while up there..........
    - Rolling Thru Life -

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    Lokomat Usage

    Hmm, strange, I just reloaded the project without having rebooted and cpu usage is back to normal with the silverline plugins.

    Something must have triggered the spiking behavior, Ill see if I can replicate the issue somehow.
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    Hi Lyerly. I own a locomat and am a certified teacher in it. I can help you out with this. Send me a PM telling me your goals and level of injury.
    All the best

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    I started my sessions with the Lokomat a few weeks ago and would like to follow up my previous post about using the machine if you have a legbag. So if you have a bag, here's what might happen.

    I keep my bag around my calf area, where some of the Lokomat's straps need to go as well. The way this situation was rectified, unfortunately, was to roll up my pants, exposing my bag for everyone to see. But this was a necessity because the bag had to be strapped over the Lokomat's strap. If the Lokomat's strap went around the legbag's strap instead, it could result in the pressure breaking the bag's seal, causing urine to leak out everywhere.

    Also as a precaution, by exposing the legbag, the tube was visible enough to make sure it wasn't kinking (like roc21 mentioned). We made sure that urine was flowing to the bag unobstructed.

    I was not the first one they've encountered with a bag, like roc21 suggested, but it certainly didn't help that I haven't "exposed" my legbag to anyone's eyes since rehab! It was certainly an "OMG moment" for the first time.

    Thought I'd share in case there are others like me who are simply not used to making this aspect of our lives known to others.

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