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Thread: failed flaps

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    failed flaps

    Ok so I have a son who has had long battle with a tunneled pressure sore over his sacrum it has been there for around three to four years he has had two flap surgeries the most recent was June of this year. The surgeon said that if it failed this time (meaning the one he had in June) my son would be out of options. I really don't like this answer. we have done wound vacs, wet to dry dressing including dakins, he is alergic to alge and sea weed so he couldn't use those dressings and so on. This wound is about 7cm deep and 3cm wide. Are ther any new options out there that we could try?

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    How old is your son? Thinking Shriners Hospital if still a minor?
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    I would also look into a second opinion from a different plastic surgeon. Two failed flaps make me think that either the flap was not done properly, or that there was not proper post-operative care. That is a very deep wound. If he has osteomyelitis, that must be treated first before attempting another flap, and even conservative management of a chronic wound would be best done by treating any existing osteomyelitis.


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    To answer the first question he is 20 and he is both physically and mentally handicap he get all his at home care from me,and his dad and sister. as far as the osteomyelitis he had two MRI'S both showed the osteo but the surgeon said that he would do the flap and get him on some strong antibiotics and all will be well .... wrong

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    Tammy - I would strongly suggest that you get a second and third opinion if you need to. The standard protocol is that you treat the osteo first and then the skin. If you need some suggestions as to where to go, depending on where you live, some people may be able to help you.


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    Quote Originally Posted by tammyj View Post
    ... the surgeon said that he would do the flap and get him on some strong antibiotics and all will be well .... wrong
    About the only aspect my wife's recent pressure sore case that I felt was competent or went well was her plastic surgeon. He did the surgical debridement first. There was osteo and he ground off a significant portion of the sacrum. He said he won't do a flap surgery in an case like this until there is significant granulation over the bone.

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    After surgery and wound vacs and antibiotics, I had success jump-starting healing (granulation) using Manuka honey From New Zealand. Also very important to get 60 grams of protien EveryDay! with zinc supplements so the body has building blocks for healing.

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    well we live in Ky and he has private ins at this point we don't care where we need to go to find a good surgeon so I am open to suggestions...... and to the guy who mention the honey is that brand the same as Medi honey cause it too is susposed to be from New Zealand... just wondering cause medi honey is what we use.

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    Hi Tammy - My son had a sacral flap. He also had osteomyelitis and the doctor would not perform the flap surgery until the osteo was treated. The doctor told us that the rate of failure for flaps was very high and he would not perform the surgery if he thought the patient was not a good candidate or would not comply with instructions before or after surgery. Beside treating the osteo he wanted a good diet that included lots of protein. The doctor is in Maryland. That's a long way from Kentucky but I will give you his contact info if your interest.

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    I can try to track down a friend of mine who lives in KY (I do know it is a big state), but maybe she can give me some recommendations that I can pass along. Can't peomise you anything. You might want to try University of KY medical center. I would encourage you to speak with the doctor before travelling any distance to see if he has any experience with individuals who have a SCI and also his philosophy on treatment of osteomyelitis.

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