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Thread: Blocking sidewalks

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    Blocking sidewalks

    I was wondering what to do about a business that continues to block the sidewalk in front of their is an Italian restaurant and they place tables, chairs, large planters, heaters, and so on in front of their restaurant and I am unable to pass. On the weekend they even block off each end of that area for dinners INCASE any show up. In the pass I have yelled for someone to come out move the obstructions so I can get by only to have them replace them as soon as I go by. I have spoken to the people that are there and no help, I placed a complaint with the city environmental dept (that's were city hall directed me) and still I am unable to pass. There is a asphalt clump at one end near another restaurant but it in to steep and narrow, the other ramp is too steep also. So I go to the far end which is flat and go that way, past 3 other business before I can go no more due to the stuff they put there. It is a buisness parking lot not really private but no one seems to know whom to complain to nexrt. I even contacted our local newspaper. Any ideas??

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    Contact your Independent Living Center
    Find out if your city has an ADA compliance officer (most cities do but unfortuantly the person is clueless as to their job ramps are part of their job)
    Call your local Police Dept and ask if there is a law about obstructing sidewalks.
    Tell the City Envir. Dept. IN WRITING your complaint and request you want to be made aware of what their plan is within 5 business days.....

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    Good suggestions above. Also ask city hall what department is responsible for "Code Enforcement", and contact them.

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    Fire department.
    Building inspector.

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    knock the crap over and make your own path

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    Fire marshal & official ADA complaint to resolved issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by jschism View Post
    knock the crap over and make your own path
    Not a smart thing to do. Vandalism.

    Helga, contact your local fire marshal and explain that this establishment in blocking the ingress and egress of a public side walk and it is a fire hazard not only for you but the public at large and customers.

    I’ve seen this in a department store at our local Midway Mall during Christmas where one store would put tables in the aisle way making it difficult for ‘chair users. I called the fire marshal and they came down in minutes and had the store remove all the tables from the aisle way. A store doesn’t want a fire marshal come and ask for the store manager then the fire marshal equipped with this fire gear is directing the manager to move tables out of the way!

    Take several photos and get paper prints of them and put in a formal ADA complaint with the US Department of Justice and insert the photos with your complaint.

    What I learned from being on advocacy boards is that establishments won't do a thing until a formal complaint comes from the US Department of Justice. Then they move on the issue.

    Forget city hall and the local police department they are short handed and short funded to deal with a matter like this.

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