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Thread: Experienced fes bike users

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    Experienced fes bike users

    I just got a rt300 last week and have been using it every day.

    the settings i use are...
    2 min warm up
    ramp up - 1% every 3 seconds
    max ma - 35

    every time i pedal with the stim on it gets up to 2.40 miles and then the stim turns off and just goes to passive training for the rest of the time. Will it slowly start to keep the stim on for longer the more i use it? Is it ok to use it every day? if not what is a good schedule?
    before i got this i was using a empi 300pv to do stim almost everyday along with standing everyday.
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    3 to 4 times a day is recommended max. If you find yourself going into passive after only a short time on the bike, you may want to look into reducing the rpm setting. I think default is 45 which may be high for some users. Ask your rep if reducing the rpm to 35 to 40 rpms would be ok.

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    Edit: 3 to 4 times a week!

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