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Thread: British MS Study Among Recent Stem Cell Research Successes

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    British MS Study Among Recent Stem Cell Research Successes

    British MS Study Among Recent Stem Cell Research Successes
    December 5, 2011

    British doctors and Bristol University experts are looking to recruit subjects to participate in a trial which could use bone marrow stem cells to halt or possibly even reverse the effects of multiple sclerosis, and it could soon be joined by many other adult stem cell treatments, according to media reports published over the weekend.

    According to Telegraph Medical Correspondent Stephen Adams, the UK-based MS trial follows in the footsteps of a pilot study in which six individuals responded positively to the treatment, which involved taking bone marrow from a patient, removing the stem cells, and injecting them into the same person’s veins later on in the same day.

    “The theory is that the stem cells help repair damage caused to the protective coating of nerve cells, called myelin, which is the cause of MS,” Adams wrote, noting that the study was published last year in the journal Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics.

    The result of that research were described as encouraging, but “showed no actual improvement in disease,” the Telegraph reporter added. A larger study was required to prove for sure whether or not the controversial, experimental study — which is being offered by some medical facilities at a cost of thousands of dollars — was safe and effective.

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    i am tired to read so many " successes" every day, but i must say thanks to manouli.

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