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Thread: Another Maui Adventure

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    Another Maui Adventure

    Using my Dragon Dictate today and will see how it goes. I hope to be more chatty and descriptive than my usual short speak caused by my quad pecking on the keyboard. Today Amy and I went on one of our favourite adventures on Maui. The eggs Blackstone at the Plantation House Restaurant is fantastic as long as you don't care about calories. The drive from the condo is along the ocean on the way up to Kapalua so the scenery is phenomenal. On the way you drive along the ocean for probably about 12 miles, then through the scenic town and historic town of Lahaina. Then passed Kaanapali to Kapalua. Along the way you will see a lot of other interesting activities to see along the way to do at another time. The Plantation House clubhouse is located on the Plantation Course at Kapalua, if anybody watches golf the kick-off the PGA golf season is and the Plantation Course. This year it sponsored by Hyundai but in previous years was a Mercedes classic. It is pretty countryside but the accessibility is a bit rudimentary. The handicap parking spot is uphill from the clubhouse and no easy access except by going down the driveway approximately 50 feet. The road was not busy but is a bit steep. Once inside the building is beautiful, we got a prime time rail table today so we had an unobstructed view of beautiful seascape, great Eggs Blackstone, great coffee, good service. It was fun. I also got the chef to cut my eggs Blackstone to bite-size pieces so Amy didn't have to do it for me. We both got to chow down as soon as the plates arrived. We spent there probably over an hour plus eating and chatting. On the way back he took the long way home to see what's changed since our stay last year. A few new restaurants to try out it seems. Do you think I will be able to write it off if I post them on my website?
    Another adventure after breakfast/lunch at the Plantation House clubhouse is to continue to drive around West Maui. It gets a bit tight in certain areas along this road but there are lots of turnaround area before it gets scary. Amy and I have done it numerous times and even with larger full-sized vans. Word to the wise always drive around this direction as you get the inside of the road if you come along another vehicle going the other way. Another adventure from here is, that as you leave the plantation house if you look at the gated community to the right, there is \a public arboretum and trail system to explore behind the gates. It's a nice place for picnics also, on the accessible hiking trails supposedly-quite regularly a fellow hiker is Carlos Santana, which would be an interesting encounter also for the folks that follow celebrities, you can see one of Nickelback members house, it is huge. Arrangements have to be get up to the arboretum but it is easy. If anybody has questions on Maui you're feel free to contact me. Aloha Bruce

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    Sounds like a wonderful trip. Maybe one day, I'll have the chance to check it out for myself.

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    Hi Scott It would be my pleasure to help facilitate trip to Maui for you in the future. I treat my condo rental as a part-time job and really want to treat everyone the same way I would like to be treated specially with inside knowledge that disabled know about each other. I tried to arrange a trip down to Marco Island in Florida to visit my brother in law and I was actually quite shocked at the lack of information and amenities for the disabled in that area. At this point I started to realize how special and one of my website is. I only wish someone did the same for other locations like Marco Island or other warm tourist spots. E-mail me if you have any questions. Aloha Bruce

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    Anytime you want to come to Montana i am willing to trade you!!! preferably say mid January!!! come see a real grizzly bear in our front yard..... I would love to go to Hawaii someday my wife and i love the sand and sun....

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    Bruce, for your amusement only, Vancouver weather is hovering around 0°C with a fine mist in the air. Enjoy.

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    It was minus 5 celsius when I left Vernon to come to Maui but I do have to agree this is nicer, sorry to rub it in. I've been stuck in snowbanks and my life and world whittle down to nothing but TV, computer, heater, food. I hate the cold. Don't grizzly Bears hibernate? Thank you Terry (VanQuad) for the positive reviews and support. Inquiries have slowed down and I had an unfortunate cancellation. Still lots of time but I become fixated. Can't you tell by all my recent posts. Aloha Bruce

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