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Thread: New SCI in brother in law, need housing advice near Kessler.

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    New SCI in brother in law, need housing advice near Kessler.

    My brother in law suffered complications from having a stimulator surgically implanted. He has an incomplete T7 Asia C injury. We are looking to have him treated at the Kessler Inst. in West Orange, NJ. My sister plans to stay with him in NJ.(We live in Rochester,NY) We are looking for advice on living arrangements for my sister for the months that he will be receiving treatment. At first we thought of the McDonald's house, but that is only if you have a child in the hospital. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!

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    Contact the Social Work office at Kessler. They should have a list of housing options (for family members) of various types in that area.


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    My daughter was at Kessler for 4 months in 2008. I stayed at the Mariott Residence Inn about 2 miles from Kessler the whole time. From what i understand Kessler has a deal with them for lower prices. I didn't have to worry about that part of it since my daughter got hurt on the job so her employers covered it. The people there were great and the rooms have small kitchens which is very helpful with saving money by not eating out.

    if you need any more info about the area i might be able to help, after spending so much time there.

    good luck to your family

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