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Thread: Tooth pulp stem cells regenerate spinal cord

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    Quote Originally Posted by east dragon View Post
    which strategies were available?
    CHONDROITINASE + INTENSIVE REHAB is now going forward with help from the ISRT especially for chronic patients. In the future, various forms of FES can be added for further control.

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    Great news Dr. Silver. When will clinical trials begin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs770 View Post
    Great news Dr. Silver. When will clinical trials begin?
    We'll include the information on the clinical trial chart when the final arrangements have been made.

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    dr. silver ,would you please talk about the details about how Isrt push forward CHONDROITINASE + INTENSIVE REHAB?

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    Jerry Silver, maybe you can explain to my community how starting clinical trial networks in at least 4 countries is "giving the SCI Community false hope." You haven't accomplished .10 of 1% of what Dr. Young has for our community. HE is making things happen, what have you done?

    If you have "far more important things to do," then go do them. I wish you great success with Chondroitinase but until you bring it to a clinical trial, you are just another one of many researchers who talk a good game but bring nothing to fruition.
    And while you're at it, learn some manners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GRAMMY View Post
    We'll include the information on the clinical trial chart when the final arrangements have been made.

    Thanks Grammy.

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    Jim I don't think that is fair. Acorda holds the patent for ch'ase and we all know what happened with 4ap .. Dr Silver has no power over how long it takes for them to eff around and hold it up. There must be a reason that Dr Young left the board of Acorda.

    Many members have questioned what good is having clinical trial networks ... it's not like they're lining up with other ideas from other scientists or we have not heard of it ... yet the money rolls in even if it's, 'Just a Dollar Please.' Yet, I can remember a time when other fundraising ideas have been forced away from CareCure (were you here when u2fp was formed?). I wonder how much the travelling alone was worth - seems like he's always on a plane. It doesn't seem like 4 networks are working on 4 different ideas unless I have that wrong.

    It's obvious you are impassioned in your defense of Dr Young as many others are, but I'd hate to see Dr Silver cut off communication to this community like Dr Davies did.

    All neuro-researchers that come to an online community of paralyzed people should know that they'll be faced with scrutiny - even Dr Young and I'm sure he understands that. I think they all 'talk a good talk' but so far any treatments remain elusive.

    Again, may the best scientist win!
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

    T-11 Flaccid Paraplegic due to TM July 1985 @ age 12

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    Well put Lynnifer! I think constructive criticism is good for the field and needed! Nobody has produced results in the sci field. I think diff paths are needed in building this road that will eventually give function back to the person with sci. As I've stated in the past, rat tests have transformed into nothing as far as bedside and I believe for the first time that Frank Renoylds w/ Invivo is onto something massive! The money will flow to where the results are significant. And I will say that as much as everyone has bashed the Miami Project they may have been waiting for something truly promising to attach their name to and thats why you see they're teaming up w Invivo!! Go Frank!!
    Donnie: Dr. Xiao, What are your thoughts on a cure/combination therapy for SCI's??
    CG Xiao: Donnie, I don't want to disappoint you, but I think it is impossible to restore the continuity of the cord or "bridge the gap" in the near future, let's say: 50 years. Dr Wise Young has been my most respected scientist in SCI. He has dedicated and contributed to SCI no other can match.

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    Lynnifer, i don't appreciate Jerry Silver questioning the integrity of Dr. Young again and again. I'm impassioned in my defense of Wise because I see what he does for us everyday, and know the type of man he is. He is one of the most honorable me on this planet yet Jerry says he is giving false hope to raise money. It is enough.
    Jerry Silver can debate science all day but when he gets personal and questions Wise's integrity i will call him on it.

    Wise pays for travel out of his own pocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer View Post

    Again, may the best scientist win!

    In God we trust; all others bring data. - Edwards Deming

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