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Thread: Ok it's time for a pain doc

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    Ok it's time for a pain doc

    Im on 900mg gabapentin 3x a day and still I'm suffering. I'm such a cheery person who wants to get up early and work, get outa bed myself, go to rugby practice in the am but my nerve pain has taken those things away from me for now. Mornings are debilitating and depending on how I feel that morning it can determine my whole day. Naps aren't possible during the day because I'll wake up with even more pain. It's holding me back from being able to get dressed and transfer myself in the am

    Can I just go to any pain doc?
    Has anyone had a good experience with cymbalta
    Has anyone weaned off the meds only to find there pain to stay the same? No meds would be nice
    Does drinking water really make a huge difference?
    Why are some days totally fine?

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    Have you tried marijuana, rachelle?
    I got off ALL meds when I found marijuana works...
    Worst side effect is I get REAL hungry.

    Gabapanten, lyrica, cymbalta,
    They'll ruin your life.
    Side effects

    I don't know why all SCI folk jump on a cocktail of pharmaceuticals.... It's not necessary!!!

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    I agree. I was hurt pre medication and I have neuro pain most days but have learned to live with it. I understand others who are in pain as every SCI/D is different but I don't understand how are pain varies so much that some of us take tons of stuff and others take nothing.
    Spasticity that interfere with transfers etc. is different but only my opinion and my body experience.

    Have you tried yoga or other things?
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    Dispora- I did try edible form of mj. First time it made my pain way worse. I tried an indeca strain brownie and it didn't help but didn't make worse. Not sure I ate enough. I would think mj should help spasticity too right?

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    Made it worse for me too

    Quote Originally Posted by ECUrach85 View Post
    Dispora- I did try edible form of mj. First time it made my pain way worse. I tried an indeca strain brownie and it didn't help but didn't make worse. Not sure I ate enough. I would think mj should help spasticity too right?
    ECU: I tried it myself (med marijuana legal in MT) and like you it made my pain (neuropathy)worse maybe it was the wrong mixture i have been told there is different blends for different uses.. I could use something to spark my appetite..

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    I have peripheral nueropathy disease, central pain, and is considered severe and chronic 24/7. I went for years without the help of a pain doctor until it got so bad my nuerosurgeon stepped in and sent me to a pain clinic. This particular clinic in Knoxville believes in treatments other than medication whenever possible.

    Nothing else helps me but the medication.......they at least make sure you don't over do it while working with you to find the right medication, in the right doses.

    A good pain clinic could be a good choice for you. Ask your doctor.

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    Pain docs know only what they are taught; they don't have our pain; they only know how to perscribe pharmaceuticals.

    Marijuana's 2 most important substances are
    THC -- the percentage of this determines the PSYCHOACTIVE affects of the smoke.
    CBD -- the percentage of this determines the PAIN-RELIEF affects of the smoke.

    Not even many dispensaries, dealers know about this, or can cater to it by providing the correct strain -- mostly because they don't know, or don't have the tools to do so.

    I urge all of you to try to find your most legit source, and get different strains. Half a gram of each. And just spend 2 weeks with no pharmaceuticals. Just see how it goes.

    You're all probably smoking high THC stuff like the "kush" -- this is famous and popular because it's so psychoactive it makes you "high" and that's what the non-med users are after.

    If you're in Canada feel free to message me and I will make sure you get the right stuff to try.

    I can't express enough how I believe EVERYONE HERE should stop pharmaceuticals that CHANGE them and their MOOD and their HEALTH and their DEPENDANCY.

    c'mon, srsly, this is your life.

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    I'm not in Canada but how can I get the right stuff. I hate meds. I'm so sluggish. Plus it only puts a dent on the pain

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    Did you end up going to PW ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by diaspora View Post
    c'mon, srsly, this is your life.
    which is exactly why I take my pharmaceuticals. Without many I wouldn't be alive. Without the others I wouldn't be able to live my life.

    Pain drs know much more than medications. Some will specialize in specific types of pain management though. It's good to make sure you find a dr that fits what you're looking for. My drs and I have discussed and tried many non pharmaceutical therapies. Physical therapy, TENS machine, herbal supplements (which, along with marijuana, are really the same thing as medications. Many medications started out this way and were just refined by drug corporations), accupressure, chiropractics and accupuncture, essential oils, light box therapy...

    I don't believe with shaming people away from treatment. Sometimes pills are the answer, sometimes they're not. But I'd rather live less functional years than more nonfunctional ones. Everyone may not agree. And that's fine. The right answer is individual to the specific person.

    Liz, pain varies. Even among the exact same condition it can vary for many internal and external reasons.

    I have a paradoxical reaction to marijuana and it makes me very sick. Shame, because I'd love to try it for pain and stomach issues.
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