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Thread: ChipIn for Donations For Betheny

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    The chip in website lists the total collected so far at $2747.00. What a grand gesture of love for one of our members.

    I'm so proud of the people on this site. You are all so generous and kind.
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    Yep and of the 46 who have contributed the average contribution is $59.71, that really says a lot about how well liked Betheny is around here and how much everyone wants to help her out in whats gotta be the most trying time of her life with all that has happened these past few years, I still can't believe Jake is gone. I know how horrible it is to loose loved ones, I think about my father everyday, he passed away unexpectly it'll be 3 years christmas eve this year. I know money does not make everything alright, but it does help ease some of the worries for Betheny I'm sure. It sure was smart and thoughtful thinking of Ami to set this up, thanks again Ami.
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    Great job Ami. So proud of CC peers.

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    We are up to $3,070 with 51 contributors as of this writing. I am going to wait until Monday morning, then write a second check to add to the first check (see earlier post) and overnight both of them to her so she will have them both on Tuesday. Then I'll mail all the other donations when the chipin ends on Dec 8th.

    Thank you again. This community is really rallying around one of its own.

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    Our ccc family is tight and I love you all
    You all mean so much to me

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    This thread is a stand-out of what makes this site great.

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    I'm so amazed by this community.

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    I remember it happened when Raven died too. I have told it on my Norwegian forum, they can't understand why or what or nothing.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    What do you mean, Bente - You mean people wouldn't do the same thing in Norway?
    Quote Originally Posted by woman from Europe View Post
    I remember it happened when Raven died too. I have told it on my Norwegian forum, they can't understand why or what or nothing.
    Please donate a dollar a day at
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