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Thread: ChipIn for Donations For Betheny

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    Ami, this is such a nice gesture for you to take the time and do this. I made my donation and hoping that I did it correctly. If by chance you don't see my name, please let me know.

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    Ami you have once again shown how wonderful of a person you can be, this is great! I have made a donation as well. I am amazed at the generosity of CC's members. Betheny has truly touched all of us in some way. I have never had the opportunity to meet her or Jake as many of you have, but I feel as if I know her from her posts. She knows no strangers. To the CC family, I say thank you for helping Betheny in this time of need. Also I feel it need be said again, to Wise, thank you for this wonderful board that I am so proud to be part of.

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    Wow you guys.... $2477* in donations from 40 people as of midnight - just over 24 hours. I'll mail a check for $2,389.51 tomorrow morning, and then I'll mail a second donation check with what comes in after tomorrow.


    (* total of $2,389.51 after paypal fees)
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    That is great, this will really help Betheny out with the expenses and also just her knowing how much we all care for her. Good job Ami, well done.
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    How much does she have to pay? I know it is very expensive here and I hope it will help her on the way. Sounds like a stupid question but I have no idea how much it is for a normal one i US
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    Bente, if you mean funeral expenses, the cost varies widely depending on choices made. There are a lot of possible options. What people choose to do usually depends on a number of factors including their financial situation, wishes expresed by the loved one before death, family traditions, their religious or spiritual beliefs, and so on. Some people prearrange and prepay their funeral costs and may also have a cemetery plot and headstone paid for as well.

    I had very little money to bury Debbie. Friends and family helped with the costs thankfully. Even keeping it fairly simple (but nice) I think the final cost was easily around 3000 dollars. The cost mostly was for cremation, urn, burial and headstone in this case (cemetery plot already belonged to the family). Had I scattered her ashes it would have been much less, but she wanted to be buried next to her son and her family was willing to pay for that. That was a personal choice based on what I knew Debbie wanted, but I needed help to do it. Therein lies the answer - personal choice vs. financial situation. I"m very glad Ami is doing this and I hope Betheny can make whatever choices she wishes.
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    Agreeing with Kendell - the expense can vary greatly, but it's not cheap. When my mom passed, I think the total cost came to almost $10,000 (New York prices - maybe cheaper elsewhere) and could have been a good deal more than that. We were fortunate enough to have insurance which covered the expense, but it could have been difficult, otherwise.

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    It was about $5000 for each of my parents' funerals, and fortunately (as in JimD's family), they had insurance to cover the costs. This was in the midwest in the late 80s and early 90s, and their funerals were not extravagant by any means. So it can be quite expensive, indeed.

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    Then it is like here about. My mother's was very simple, it was 6000 dollars and my father's was 8000. Both cremated but on the memoriel place without stone. It was their wish. And no insurance is paying that. We have a place with stone but they didn't want to use it.

    I only wondered because I was afraid she didn't have enough to do it the way she wanted. Thank you for answering such a improper question.
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    Could you please email me the paypal info. Thank you.

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