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Thread: ChipIn for Donations For Betheny

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    When her husband died she asked for donation sent to U2FP instead of flowers. I remember because I did this. I definitely think she will need the cash though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zillazangel View Post
    Cheesecake - yes, absolutely. I would be perfectly willing to give you (or another person I know and trust) the login to the chipin site to have a second verification if that would help, but I assure everyone that I am 100% trustworthy. However, with that being said, I totally understand people wanting transparency and a second set of eyes even.

    I will post how much we get (it shows on the website directly - for reference we have $380 already!!!), and then I will let everyone know how much I spend on flowers (I will call a florist in the area tomorrow (I'm thinking $150, but I'll see how much a funeral spray costs, I really don't know), and then I'll send the rest (after a week or so) as a check to her - I can photocopy the check and cancelled check for you (Cheesecake or someone else) to secondarily verify if that would put minds at ease.

    And WFE, yes, your card was accepted. Thank you to everyone so far, you are all very generous and I am SURE that Betheny will appreciate the flowers and the funds to help with funeral expenses.
    Just another thought--could a fund be set up in a local bank for Betheny? Everyone of her family members have been cremated per her posts. If an account at a bank was set up, funds could go straight to the bank, no fees would be taken like via pay pal and Betheny could elect to do what she needs or wants to do. She might want a memorial fund for Jake--SCI research, any number of things.

    If Novi can connect with who is going to see Betheny tomorrow, I think this might be a good option. Then Ami, you could take the current money and transfer to the bank fund.

    I would be a secondary verification by my husband had a heart attack last week and today was pretty much my first day back here. I am on overload. Perhaps Obie who had worked in a bank or RDF could assist. Both of these folks are well respected and trusted.

    Sorry, didn't mean to hijack this thread. Just want to protect everyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JenJen View Post
    Very generous to take this on Ami. But yes, with CC's history, Cheese is right, it would be wise to protect yourself with a second set of eyes. Looks like you guys have this worked out already.

    I wonder if setting up a bank account in Betheny's name at a local bank might be the best way to go. Then she could use the funds as best serves her needs. A huge flower arrangement, while wonder in sentiment and effort, might be better expressed as cash to pay for the headstone or such. IDK.
    Wow JenJen and Addiesue, I guess we are on the same wavelength.
    Is there anyone who can set up an account with Betheny as payee? She could always take funds and donate to W2W herself. Jake was such a good advocate.
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    I'd like to do this quickly (ETA: and over a weekend), and its easiest to do via paypal here on chipin (ETA: and you can also use a credit card on chipin, which you can't at a bank), so as long as you (whoever donates) trusts me, go ahead and use chipin, then send her a check that she can cash immediately. I will get someone from here to verify the donations on chipin, and to verify that I sent the check and the cancelled check. Then she can do whatever she likes with the money, whether its donate to U2P2, use for funeral / cremation costs, or set up a memorial fund, or anything else. I have sent a note to someone here to ask if she would be my verification. Also, I've been a member here since 2004, I've met dozens of people from here in person, and I've met Betheny in person as well.

    Thank you all, again, for your generosity ... and your trust. To everyone who donates, I am sending back a personal email to thank you, so you'll have my real name, just as another layer of trust.
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    I trust you 100% Ami. Never hurts to have a secondary just in case someone questions something later.

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    There are absolutely no doubts in my mind that Ami will handle the funds with complete propriety and I wholeheartedly support her.

    Thanks for organizing this effort, Ami.

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    Cheese I have no idea if anyone will be seeing her tomorrow? Besides her family of course I'm assuming.

    I truly hate to bug her in this terrible time because she did request that no one call please. If Ami or whoever needs info or any questions asked regarding funeral arrangements to send flowers please gather questions and I can ask whatever is needed in one ph call tomorrow perhaps. Or is someone on CC closer to her that regularly talks with her? I don't want to intrude too much but will help. I told Ami I have her address so will give it to her after I ask Betheny if it's ok and that is where Ami can send the check.

    CC is great. I'll check back tomorrow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dan_nc View Post
    There are absolutely no doubts in my mind that Ami will handle the funds with complete propriety and I wholeheartedly support her.

    Thanks for organizing this effort, Ami.
    I agree completely.

    Thank you for organizing this, Ami.

    Betheny has given so much to CC and is so well-loved, I'm sure we all want to help any way we can.

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    Great idea. Thank you.
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    Another vote of thanks to, and confidence in to Ami.

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