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Thread: Jake died

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    I'm so sorry for your loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CLC379 View Post

    most everyone who met Jake knew right off he was all about two things in life having fun and watching out for his mom.

    i think the first time i met him was back in about 03, me betheny& jake had free tickets to a hockey game after the game the announcer invited all the kids down to play on the ice, jake ran down there full speed done a belly flop on the ice slid out a ways then went right up to the announcer, the announcer ask if he wanted to say anything. Jake grabbed the mic and with a booming voice announced i want to give a shout out to my mom & carl

    he went on talking & walking away from the announcer like he was the new master of ceremonies, the announcer about had a wrestling match to get the mic back. i thought man that kid not a bit shy has a future in public speaking or politics

    Jake was always upto some kind of silly mischief, almost everytime we were out of sight of his mom it was swear you wont tell my mom about this, about what? he would say just watch

    the second rally in dc i spent a lot of time with Jake, we about choked matt out of the room with cigs, first thing out of the hotel jake says hold my watch and dont tell my mom about this, about what? he runs over jumps up on about a 4ft. ledge then up to about a 8 ft. ledge on the side of the hotel, then continues to climb straight up the side of the hotel about 40ft high then comes back down and jumps off of about a 12 ft. ledge.

    later in the day i had put away a few rounds, not thinking about anyones age i decided to check out the local topless bar, going in the door Jake pulls me back and says hey im not old enough to go in there, i said well just act like you belong there, he says naw i said well lets go back to the hotel, he says no lets go in, once inside he took to that environment like a fish to water, about a half hour later we go to another bar i told Jake we will probably get booted out of this one.

    we get a table i order a jack&coke waiter asks for my id, i show id, then Jake just straight up orders a 7&7 waiter didnt even ask for his id

    last time i seen Jake he came to my house with his mom & dad, Betheney had that avatar movie, i was really tired probably slept through half of it, after the movie everyone went to bed, Jake insisted i stay up and watch one of those cartoon family guy movie's with him, glad i did, the movie was not entertaining at all, Jake was the entertainment watching him laugh then repeat the lines i missed had me rolling, wish i could watch another episode with Jake
    This is great Carl, but don't tell all the secrets! hehe
    Bet Betheny laughed/cried when reading this.

    Still thinking of you, B.
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    Get well soon Beth.

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    I don't know what to say..... but I feel for you. =hugz=
    Death and taxes

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    sooooo sorry...:(

    may you eventually find peace and comfort in your memories of your life together...just breaks my heart!

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    Oh, Bethany, I'm so sorry to hear this - I have no words, only tears for you. I know I'm not around much anymore, but I do think of you often, especially this past year. I hope 2012 is a better year and that you can soon think of your lost loved ones with smiles and not just tears.

    I used to be, and still am, BeeBee (had to change my log in)

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    Betheny, I'm so, so sorry for your loss. Many of us on this site are here because of our sons. I cannot imagine the magnitude of your loss. Losing a child would be the absolute worse thing. My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!

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