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Thread: Jake died

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    I am so very sorry and sad to read this, Betheny. What a horrible thing to have happened.

    This site, by its very nature, is an assembly of those who are already going through a kind of a hell on earth. It is such a terrible shame that it is so much worse for some here, and has been so much worse for you, several times over.

    But this site also offers the shared love of many good people. Please try to feel and accept that, and try to let it mitigate your sorrow a little.

    I wish that I were nearer so that I could hold you with a long, tight hug.

    - Richard

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    Betheny - so terribly, terribly sorry to hear about this! Sincere condolences for your loss. So tragic!

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    My heart goes out to you Bethany! So So sorry for your loss....*Hugs*
    God is good

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    So sorry Bethany.

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    I feel your pain in my heart.
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    I am a new member, but remember seeing all the outpouring of concern for you when the recent earthquake shook your area. I was amazed how much your friends on this site loved you. You must be special. I hope you will find comfort in their love.

    Praying that you will stay strong through this terrible tragedy.

    A new friend from Texas

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    Oh My Betheny, I'm so sorry. I know I haven't been around much but I want you to know how loved you are by everyone in this community. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Oh Betheny, I can't even express how I feel. I am oh so so sorry, I cAn't even imagine losing a child.
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    Betheny, so sorry for you tragic loss, being a Mom, and being close to your son is a wonderful journey to be part of. You have a wonderful family here and many people that love you dearly.
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    Betheny, I'm so very sorry. When meeting Jake at the Rally in DC I was so impressed with his demeanor and fun personality, so like his Mom. OMG, I'm so sorry. Deb

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