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Thread: Can you guys help me out?

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    Can you guys help me out?

    There is a facebook page that will be giving away a new Excalibur Crossbow to the person who gets the most "Likes" to their trail-cam photo. I could really use a good crossbow for target shooting & hunting and would certainly appreciate it if you could go onto the following link and give my pic a "Like".

    Thanks a bunch...

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    done. nice pic
    Please donate a dollar a day at
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    Quote Originally Posted by rdf View Post
    done. nice pic
    Thanks... much appreciated.

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    good luck! That is an awesome buck you got the picture of!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peders View Post
    good luck! That is an awesome buck you got the picture of!
    Thanks. Hopefully one day I'll have one like that hanging on my wall.

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    Done did. Good luck!
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    Good luck

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    Thanks, lynnifer, jwaldo and smashms. Much appreciated.

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    it is a nice shot. hope you get the crossbow.

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