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Thread: a little something about vitamin D =)

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    a little something about vitamin D =)

    yeah Im harping on the sunshine vitimins again, but I must as it is so important to good health, and disease prevention.

    I found Out I had rickets, when I had a mole turn to cancer, and my bones hurt so bad I couldnt play my instruments. if I bumped my hands a little it hurt. I had these really dark circles under my eyes, and my hair was thinning. who knew a once a week pill, an hour of sunshine and some salmon could cure the sore bones, dark circles, and prevent cancer?

    well now you know, so get enough vitimin D. the doctor can do a blood test to see if you are getting enough.

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    Vitamin D is important and it is hard to know when you are getting enough. NL is outside in our garden getting a lot of sunshine every week, we eat well and take supplements of Vitamin D in addition to what we get in calcium and daily multiple vitamin. We are taking about 5500 IU of vitamin D. We had our vitamin D levels checked in blood test. Mine was in the lower third of the normal range and NL (shocking surprise) was below normal in the "insufficiency" range. Her endocrinologist put her on 50,000 IU once a week for 4 weeks and a test to follow to determine what she needs from there. Testing and recommendation from your doctors is key. Don't self prescribe on this one.

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    Yes it is thought to be the possible cause of alot of problems and I don't think sunshine is enough. Mine was really really low an dI am in the sun all the time and eat cheese and milk with Vitamin D and took a once a dya multivitamin. You need it for good bone health.

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    my level was 3 when the melenoma showed up. My femure bones still hurt if I skip a week or two of the suppliments. I have not yet gotten to a healthy level, but I sure feel better than before I started take prescribed vit D. I think anyone with sci should get their levels checked to at least try to combat bone breakage.

    I notice Im getting less skin breakdown too since supliment.

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    Thanks for the info, my doctor said 7k vit d is about 15 minutes of sun, who knew. Mine just was tested again (n0 results yet), have been low for a while and we keep bringing the IU's up. Love salmon and didn't realize it is another good source. I just had a DEXA scan because I get reoccuring sacral fracture, that was good.....Vitamin D? Still searching w/doctor for source of problem, thyroid next. I really enjoy this forum.
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    I take supplements, but oh, it is sometimes so nice to just sit there in the sun, because of your health,
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    I had my level at 5, and my hands and arms were in a lot of pain and then Jody told me about the vit D and now I don't have pain in my hands anymore. But dont take it without the doctor's approvel, everybody can get poisoned from too much. But it is not so dangerous as they though before.

    I do eat salmon and other fat fishes twice a week and Omega 3, but it is not enough. But we have had 5 days with sun all the summer and the only sun that can help is the one between 11 am and 1 pm here. You get more vit D from the sun because the sun is much stronger.
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