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Thread: Winter coat suggestions?

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    Winter coat suggestions?

    Wondering if anyone has suggestions on winter coats that don't drag in the wheels or take away from smooth movement with the arms. I just can't seem to find anything short enough thats not too fluffy and bulky. Suggestions would be great.

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    My fave is my NorthFace Apex jacket. Very warm, very thin, lots o'pockets. I fold the front edge under so it fits perfect when seated. Love it. Best wheeling coat for my $. I really dislike bulky coats.

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    This is my favorite winter coat.

    Cabela's Down Jacket

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    a good north face or columbia coat, they are expensive but are lightweight and warm. the columbia omni-heat works really good. the better ones will also be waterproof.

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    I had a coat altered to make it go on/off easy and then had them cut it up the back (almost to the collar) and cut off all the excess fabric in the back that can bunch up. Cost me $20. You can do this to any coat EXCEPT down.

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    Here is a source for stylish wheelchair adapted coats (don't know if they fit the criteria of being warm enough):,ProductName
    This company sells mens and womens clothing.

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    I don't wear coats, too bulky, when it down in the 40s here
    i usually put on a long sleeve shirt, tee shirt and then a flannel shirt, etc
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    For warmth: I have a Stoic Hadron. It's basically a down hoody. It's crazy lightweight but very warm (850 fill down, which isn't nearly as poofy as others w/ lower fill powers). I'm up around 9000 ft in the Rockies right now; we're hitting single-digits at night already & I'm good layered with a shell on top (Marmot PreCip) & a base layer (varies) underneath. Total < $300.

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    illinois, and no, chicago is not anywhere near where i live
    @ -scott-, are you moving there for good and have you done any skiing?

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    Not for good right now, the lack of income and housing being two major hurdles. We're heading back east for the holidays & most of 2012. We'll be back though.

    I'm heading out for some skiing tomorrow.

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