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Thread: Remote Car Starter

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    Remote Car Starter

    I want to put remote starter for my van, has anybody put one on before?
    I would like to know what kind to buy.

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    Look under products. You'd be safe with the top three in the listed alarm/starters. All should be fine, but some are made better than others, even though all of the alarm/starters in the list are made buy Directed.

    I've run a few various brands including others not made by Directed. Most important details to look for are quality remotes for duribility and most important, the installer. If the installer sucks, the best most expensive starter out there will probably fail. Look for a good installer/retailer and see which starters they sell. Then check reviews.

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    Those systems rock. Had one in a car in Florida and was priceless 8 months of the year...

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    Have this on my sienna. The best out there imo. I have the iphone remote start as well.

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    I've had a cheap, $50, Bulldog remote that I installed myself for the past 13 years and it still works. I bought it at Hills department store, which is now out of business. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get something that works reliably.

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