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Thread: Anyone know where Christina Symanski is?

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    Anyone know where Christina Symanski is?

    I love to read this girl's blog and follow her on her progress, but she hasn't posted anything for a couple of months now. Does anyone know how she is doing? She had a couple good post on here as well, I will post her links below.

    If she is going through some personal issues, then I probably don't need to know about them, I'm just wondering how she is doing.

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    i ve been having the same thoughts myself for quite a while
    i used to correspond regularly with Chrissy but all of a sudden her posts stopped.
    i really hope she is OK.
    Christina i know you had issues living with SCI, please post to tell us your OK.

    Peter F

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    writing a book

    i think her blog said she was taking a break because she is trying to write her book.

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    Hi all. I'm Christina's best friend and I haven't posted on here in years (since right after her accident) but I did a Google search on her and found this thread.

    Christina passed away yesterday, December 1st, exactly two months from when she started refusing food, water, and medical treatment. She spent most of those months at home, aside from a week in a hospice facility to get her palliative meds sorted out. Everything didn't play out quite as peacefully as she imagined it would, and she was conscious up until a few days ago, but her final moments were calm and comfortable and she passed on in her own home with her family at her side.

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    Thanks for the information bellarosa.
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    So sad.

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    I'm shocked and depressed at this story, this has been a bad week for the CC, first i heard about Beth's son Jake now Christina. i feel extremely guilty too, Christina had spoken to me about this thought of self terminating many times, she wanted to do it in a Swiss clinic. Christmas time is always a bad for people like us in this condition, i can feel the depression coming on again
    i should of done more in trying to help her, such a beautiful, intelligent human being, the way she writes was so eloquent. when she stopped writing this was the thought that went through my mind, she just did not answer my mail. i never assumed she would actually do it. i tried once but could not do it.
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    RIP Christina tskushi26

    Just heard the news today,
    To all those who knew her this was a shock .
    Rest in peace my sweet friend, finally you are at peace.

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    I dont know her, my condolences for your loss peter. , a sad start to a long winter.

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    I respect her for this is what she wanted. I will miss her talented writing.

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