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Thread: Anyone know where Christina Symanski is?

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    So very sad.

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    She was an excellent writer and so talented. I respect her wishes but I wish medicine could have done more for her. The world loses another good soul.

    Goodbye. My condolences to her family.
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    Oh no. I would read her blog sometimes-so talented.
    Where did you read this peter?

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    bellarosa posted her demise in another thread, i was shocked
    i ve been wondering what's happened to her for a while as all contact had stopped so suddenly, we used to mail each other daily.
    i'm still trying to blog her contact without any success

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    Bellarose, I'm sorry you lost your best friend and heartbreaking she decided to end her life. Thank-you for taking the time to let us know what happened.

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    I just read her blog..this section brought a tear to my eye..she was a beautiful writer..and whereas we want to believe all is possible with the right attitude and belief, she was far more pragmatic in her own views:

    "So despite my longing for a family of my own, the risks and all missing pieces I'd be unable to experience, vastly outweigh the positives. I know that there are women out there with high level SCIs, that have given birth, and have their own families. Everyone's situation is unique. I can only comment on my own situation, and know what challenges paralysis present me with from day to day, given my background and my unique coping skills. My reality is, that as long as I'm paralyzed, that I will never be able to fulfill my dreams of having a family of my own. That is a hard pill to swallow" Christina Symanski

    So many have been able to take a different road..and become mothers. It is, like she said unique to the individual's own situation --which involves the mind, heart, soul, personality, disposition, coping skills and more. I respect her for knowing and accepting herself, but I hope others will not think they are limited by her experience.

    She was an amazing talent and a stunning beauty. What a loss.
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    Another beautiful soul taken too soon, damn sci

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    Yet another punch in the gut. So, so sad. At least she ended her life on her terms. I hope her family respects the choice she made, agonizing as I'm sure it must be for them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephen212 View Post
    Yet another punch in the gut. So, so sad. At least she ended her life on her terms. I hope her family respects the choice she made, agonizing as I'm sure it must be for them.
    It really does feel like a punch in the gut when life with sci becomes unbearable for someone so talented and with a spirit so beautiful. May Christina rest in peace.

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    I remember the thread she started when she was wrestling with the decision. She sure carried a heavy load for a long time. It's this kind of thing that makes me so mad at SCI. Couldn't she have been left with something? Being an artist and all, couldn't she have kept her hands? It's so hard to imagine that level of injury in someone so young. I hope she's at peace and that her family has been able to reconcile with her decision.

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