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Thread: Jerry Silver talks to me

  1. #21 Not the greatest audio, but large auditoriums aren't the perfect place for that or maybe the microphone was made in -----.
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    The audio is horrible!
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    Dr.Silver, how's your old rat doing, still breathing by itself? I ask that seriously, really would like to know.

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    kivi, Dr silver is at Acorda today to meet with them to explore a trial with chase. Unbfotuantely, no live presentation and /dr /silver says he will give us feedback if allowed. Best we can do at this time. remeber thsi therapy if proves successful, may be an avenue to remove vents from our brothers.


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    Lets hope all is going well with him. It would be great to finally make things happen instead of empty promises being made and hopes being crushed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Han Solo View Post
    Lets hope all is going well with him. It would be great to finally make things happen instead of empty promises being made and hopes being crushed.
    What empty promises have been made?

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    Not by him but like people like Dr Davies with his 3-5 yrs bullshit then blamin yrs if procrastination of publishing. No reproductions in ither labs just phrases like "the only people who will be disappointed will be competitors in this field." Cmon man it is what it is i aint makin it up.

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    I was meaning what empty promises has Jerry Silver made - this thread seemed to be about Jerry Silver

    Your opinion of Dr Davies may or may not be correct

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    Jerry Silver is never like others. It is because of his work and great efforts that chase is being considered for human trials. Thing is that we want trial as soon as possible. I hope Jerry will give some news to us.

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    Hey Chris, i dont kno if ur lookin to try n argue, be combative or jus confused. Im sayin i hope his therapy works cause im tired of gettin my hopes up just to be let down. Then i gave u an example of how iv been let down. Nobodys trynna get things off topic. I hope ur jus confused by how i said it or somethin cause im not tryin to take shit off topic, take my word for it. I like Dr Silver n believe in his shit. Point blank period. Chill out man.

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