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Thread: Need help with Wheelchair back

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    Need help with Wheelchair back

    I am looking to get a different whelchair back. I am a T-8/9 para. I currently have a J3 back and I do not like it. It isn't stable enough for me and I get very uncomfortable in it and my back hurts. I think I need soemhting with a little more lateral support. I am very active though and do not want anything to make me feel confined or wrapped around by the back if that make sense. Looking for some advice on a new back. The J3 back is 17'' wide and 12'' in height.

    any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!!



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    I am a T8 as well, I use the Roho Jetstream low back:

    It works great for me.

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    ADI aluminum. It's tilt adjustable in a small range which is a huge feature to get your comfort spot.

    It's a low key:

    An absolutely fixed position is a gamble that is almost always lost. Much better to have a margin for error and get the setting right.

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    Thanks Guys. Great info.

    WOuld either of you send me a picture of your chair with the back in it?

    thanks guys.

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  6. #6 Try looking here. I have the Elite and like it a lot. I have the 3" depth. It "hugs" but doesn't confine. Good luck finding what you need.

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    t-8 thanks for the picture. Do you have any problems folding down the back when you are breaking down the chair? Also what size is your back? Height?? what depth do you guys have also? 3'' or 6''

    Radio budda what depth is your adi back. I really like those too.


    I will look at that back also.

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