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Thread: Remodeling our "new" home

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    See...I'm not so bad. I was thinking about putting a piece of 3/4 in plywood on a drywall jack and putting my hubby on it so I could jack him up there and he could patch the ceiling where I have torn walls out. I have patched them the best I could but he keeps telling me it looks awful, so I threaten the drywall jack

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    geezus, i'd be too lazy to build the platform alone

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    Hi I'm a builder In a chair. (11 mouths post) Thanks for the ideas on how to do building from a chair. Alrighty have paint on my chair, guess you have Sheetrock mud on yours.
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    This is an awesome thread! I've been wanting to get at the wallpaper in my house (too many months in bed, staring at the walls) but couldn't think of a way I could get up high enough. I've had crazy thoughts of getting up on a ladder. The platform idea is excellent and I think hubby could make something similar.

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    Glad that the pics of my husband and his ramp have give some of you guys ideas on how to tackle some projects in your house, too!
    His latest idea was to go down in the crawl space and check things out from beneath the house. I came in from outside and couldn't find him - just and empty chair and dolly - and I panicked thinking he fell between joists and got hurt. He was hiding UNDER a sheet of plywood, lying on the dirt floor beneath the house! But the good news was, he says it looks good from down there
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