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Thread: Lightest wheelchair out there?

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    A well worded response. Thanks.

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    I have a Lasher BT-Mg as well as a Quickie GT and use them both regularly. I don't need a super light chair, I have full upper body strength. For me, the chair is cool but I won't be spending that kind of $ on another chair any time soon. I could spec a Q7 to be as light, or lighter. As long as the frame is 10lbs or less, I'm fine. I don't need a chair to enable anything other than rolling around.

    Quote Originally Posted by brian View Post
    Okay. That's my one thing learned for today.

    Lasher BT-Mg - 8.4lbs - $5,000
    Tilite TR - 9.9lbs - $2,200
    Quickie Q7 - 10lbs - $1,700 ($3,300 less than BT-Mg)
    Tilite ZRA - 10.9lbs - $1,900

    So you're saying that just 1.6lbs (Q7 vs. BT) is the difference between you being able to lift your chair into your car and not? I'm having difficulty comprehending that - I mean that's the weight of a can of soup. So this is a functioning issue and not a strength issue? Like, if you worked for a month with light weights you wouldn't be able to lift a chair that weighs 1.6lbs more? I mean, at that point you're paying $127 for every oz of weight savings. I get the need for lightweight, but as I said before - dimishing returns.

    I'm not challanging you - I'm just trying to understand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaleB View Post
    I have a Lasher BT-Mg a I don't need a super light chair .
    Of course, if you`ve got it lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brian View Post
    A well worded response. Thanks.
    x2, tooley, not to mention inspiring!
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    Quote Originally Posted by totoL1 View Post
    Of course, if you`ve got it lol.

    I would never have learned it was a waste of money without having it. I only offer opinions on equipment I have used, a lot. It's hard to take people too seriously talking about gear they've never used or owned.

    He who hears not me but the Logos will say: All is one.

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    Well, i dont mind the added weight of a discbrake into my TR. even the conventional brake might be lighter, i love the one-push-wheel lock.

    disclaimer : this goes the same for D's and surelock.

    thats just my cup of tea.i dont buy spinergys which only a couple of ounces lighter than the sun fusion, and uses the sun fusion instead.i do have the money, but it may go to other things.i'm a para though.a comfortable ride doesnt necessarily means the lightest.

    i have struggled on this issue before, but Brianm told me one thing that made me so sure. I'm 98% wheeling.the other 2% is the time when i lift it (probably less).i wont waste the thousands for that 2%.

    but if i have money pouring in, that'd be another story...
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