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Thread: skin flap.

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    skin flap.

    any one ever have a skin flap and how long before life gets better.

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    I had one on my butt on January 7th, 2011. I was on 100% bed rest until April 16th. I think that is longer than most. I choose to stay in bed 2 weeks longer than what the surgeon said because I was scared to death to get up. I stayed on a clinitron the whole time. I was driving again by the middle-end of May. I still get off my butt a few times a day. The worst part was actually driving to the hospital that morning knowing that I would not be getting up for a long time. After that I kept busy with my laptop, movies, reading and family visits to help pass the time. I had a few moments where I was short fused and frustrated from being trapped in bed 100% of the time but other than that I was thankful to get it closed and get back to life. Prior to my surgery I was on bed rest (not 100%) with a wound vac and Picc line from August-January. I wish I would have had the flap a lot sooner. Let me know if I can help out in any way.

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    I had it done back in 1995 after having stayed off my butt compltely for 6 months trying to get an injury to heal unsuccessfully, do not remember how long I had to stay off it afterwards but I wish I had just skipped trying to get it to heal and done the flap right up front... would have been less down time....

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    My experience was much the same. I'd go directly for the flap if I had to do it over. I was on a clinitron for 8 weeks and transitioned up to 2 hours twice a day during the next week. I think that I added 15 minutes a day until I was up to 8 hours. Good luck.
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