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Thread: Hung by his toenails

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    My L5-S1 burst 4 years after a car accident. It just happened one day and my left leg went paralyzed and I lost sensation in my groin and minor bladder function. After the injury I couldn't walk for 3 months at all but then was able to do so with assistance from a walker. I had a surgery but it failed and left me in even more pain.

    I applied for SSDI 5 months after it happened but got a letter saying it was turned down. I've worked from age 17-29 but nothing substantial enough to qualify for SSDI.

    My neurosurgeon considered me disabled and I had all the proof in the world to show but I was getting the run around in California and simply had to leave because I do not want to live at a homeless shelter surrounded by drug addicts and criminals. Nor do I want my dignity to be completely stripped away because of something that wasn't my fault. So I left and moved with family in Oregon. I've worn out my welcome here though and need to come up with a plan quickly.

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    Keep Going

    Social Security disability is run state by state and evaluations are often privatized. It is not uncommon for claims to be disallowed. Repeated applications are sometimes necessary, or even a disability lawyer. If it is not too personal. what KIND of minor bladder dysfunction.

    Good luck.
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    KeepGoing - I am sorry that you got turned down for SSI and SSDI. When you are turned down, you have 60 days to make an appeal, did you do that? If you do an appeal (reconsideration of claim), your claim would have to be read by one of the medical physicians who reviews cases. Did you do a reconsideration and fill out a 3441 appeal form? If that is still a denial, then you can appeal again and the case gets reviewed by an ALJ or an Administrative Law Judge. Did you know about this? Lots of cases that don't get allowed the first 2 times , get allowed by the ALJ.....

    How paralyzed is your left leg? Do you use an AFO, or a KAFO? Can you walk with a cane? Can you carry a manila folder in one hand while you walk with a cane? Is your other leg normal? Do you have sensation? Could you do this for a 2 hours in a day over an 8 hour period? These are the critical questions that will determine if someone under 50 is disabled by the definitions of the SSA program. It doesn't really matter what your neurosurgeon thinks necessarily. It is surprising that someone with a paralyzed leg who can not walk with out using 2 crutches or a walker would be denied. The bowel and bladder and pain issues are not going to matter much initially in your claim.

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    it sounds like cauda equina syndrome symptoms, which on itself would qualify for ssdi, since it meets the standards as it is considered a sci with ssdi and va. i have it and ssdi on first forms and telephone interview, no ssdi doctors etc, ssdi qualifications are the same country wide as it is a federal program. there is no difference in qualifying, and which injuries are automatic qualifiers like CES,sci,blindness. Next are the harder ones, where you must meet a jumble of age, type of work , and how many years you have been doing it, how much you have to lift, how strenuous it is, ie office worker compared to a construction worker.
    of the class 2 or whatever it is called which are subjective,those almost always are denied the first 2 times and require a hearing before an admin judge and if still denied time to lawyer up and still pursue if the lawyer thinks so..
    [I]However he said he didn't have the work time , known as credits , that he he needs for passing"go" in the ssdi approval process. not enough credits,you are told to check ssi or medicaid. the post said he worked but it sounded like not enough in the social security world or not enough fica paid for the time he worked to make it count. Not enough credits, and it doesnt mater what your disability is, except most likely blindness, since they had a very strong lobby and get a lot more everthing, when they can do a hell of a lot more and have a much better quality of life than a complete quad, or quad on a vent. Also end stage renal and maybe a couple other skip the 2 year no money period,but i am sure the elephants will put a stop to that tom foolery
    IMO total bull to give the blind so much more while many other people with brain strokes , locked in syndrome , get a lot less financial assistance, yet can do so much less.
    I believe the blind also can make a lot more money working and still collect their full ssdi, probably with extras. i am sure i will be torn a new butt-orifice if i am wrong ,but that may cure my poop problem.

    medicaid is state run and qualifications and services /money /medical supplies change every state. i dont know anymore aabout it, but this little knowledge is a leap and a guess, KLD knows a lot more about it,
    Also check with a lawyer as far as the auto crash, it may be too late, but worth checking .
    cauda equina

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    The few friends and relatives I still have say I'm a nice guy. I'm still patient, and mellow. Being like that, I can understand why people have trouble believing I'm in as much pain as I feel, because I'm not screaming, crying, laying in a fetal position, etc.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Metro - you are right about the SSDI rules being stacked in the favor of the blind financially. I think it boils down to who has the most powerful lobbyist when SSDI makes policy changes. Not a lot of blind folks here so I think you are safe.......:-)

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