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    weird sensations

    I am one of those rare cases who has a completely transected cord at T11 to be exact 6.24cm is missing. its been over a year since my injury and return is zero. under the MRI also one can only see white in the injury zone
    funny enough i still feel it one something hits my private parts, i also had an indwelling folly inserted for a week, had a pulling and tingling sensation. lately during a transfer from my bed to the chair my thigh got stuck on the brake paddle, i had a deep sensation of something pushing into my lap. i know it was not phantom pain. can anyone explain this, according to my knowledge one cannot feel,anything with this type of injury except the 24hr burning butt and leg sensations.

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    maybe some nerves r still intact?
    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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    Could it be maybe because you saw something happen and think it should have felt a certain way? Reason I say this is cause I have the same thing. When I ride my FES bike I feel shots of electricity going into my legs even though I know there is no way in heck it's possible that I'm really feeling that. Sometimes when I get an injury, like something drops on my foot I think I feel it, but it's really just the leg spasm which is a reaction to the pain stimulus I'm feeling.
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    You could be an ASIA B if you feel pressure or sensation in genital area- sometimes this is spared or could be neuropathic pain-(funny feelings, electricity below the level of injury ) and some actually have a hyper acute sensitivity- even with ASIA A. One year post injury is common to start having the neuropathic pain.
    You say it is missing- but what is missing? Spinal Cord is not 6.4 cm across and that is a complete transection. Plus, the nervous system is complex, especially the autonomic nervous system. And the brain is still there.]
    An analogy-Think of it as an major complex electrical system- in your home, you have an outlet that doesn't work properly, sdoesn't work but occasionally it does or if you plug something in it might shock you or do something different than normal- so until you turn off the power source - totally the cutting wires, or wherever this will happen(in SCI the injury even though x-rays maylook like it- the spinal cord was not physically cut and detached, it is still there. And even then, the brain still has memory and those nerves are still there going ot the brain and above your level of injury* why they refer to it as phantom pain which is a term I hate except for amputees). So unless you totally disconnect the spinal cord (or were brain dead) you can still have the pain, sensations etc..

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