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Thread: Lost my Baby Benjaminn

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    Oh Judy, it is not silly and you should not be quiet. You have every reason to be heartbroken tonight. Benji sounded like a perfect friend. You have been through a lot together.
    Please find some comfort knowing you were with him when he passed.

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    Oh I'm so sorry! I hope you can continue to feel his little doggie nuzzles.

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    Sorry for your loss all this time I didn't even know you had a dog.
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    very sorry GL, what a gift our budies get to be. rip benji.

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    sorry judy, he was/is a beautiful boy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GL View Post
    Sounds silly but I am all in tears sorry but i'll be quiet ..youre all the best hug's
    thank you

    If it's silly then I have been in a horrible place for the past two weeks. I had to put my best friend down too. I couldn't watch her suffer and know she was in pain. They never know the love they give us.
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    I am sorry and still miss my two scottie's Murphy who sat on my bed and guarded me through 7 of my 9 spinal surgeries, and Mr. Laddie G. Mac Gregor who knew he was royalty.

    I now have 2 young scotties Callie and Murphy. I hope you find it in yourself to love another dog as much.



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    Oh, Judy, I'm so sorry to read this.

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    after what they do for us there should be a heaven for animals


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    So sorry Judy. They give us so much for so little in return.
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