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Thread: Delta Airlines??

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    Delta Airlines??

    Who has traveled with Delta Airlines before? Good or bad opinions of them....dealing with your wheelchair, transfers, etc....

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    Each flight is, unfortunately, a bit of an adventure these days, but I have had good luck with Delta. I have taken them numerous times, even taking the small shuttle flight between Boston and DC that doesn't have a jet way. They use a box mounted on a forklift thing and lifted me right up to the plane after I had transferred into the aisle chair. It was scary at first because I have virtually no balance, but they strapped me in with great care and all went well. Much easier on what I call "real planes," meaning the big ones with jet ways.

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    I fly delta once a month. In general they are pretty good but every once in a while you run into a jerk. I have found that the airport is more important than the airline when it comes to travel issues.

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    I won't fly Delta.

    I have been on several flights and lost luggage or broken luggage. Customer Service was a pain in the rear.

    Their fleet (along with some others) is aging.
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    I've had bad experiences on Delta and American, but those where a while back as for so many years now I've strickly flown on Southwest and never had any problems.
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    I fly Delta a lot for sled hockey. Most of the time we're on the tiny planes (2x2) that aisle chairs barely fit on...I get lots of bruises on my knees and ankles geting banged around. I am on the larger side though; and that's not an issue on the "normal" sized planes.

    Delta also has a track-record for damaging chairs. However, if they do break your chair, they have the best customer service to get it repaired or replaced. When I flew to Detroit a month ago they broke the backrest and bent the frame. They use a company...scootaround (not sure how it's spelled) that called me that same night and offered me a loaner chair. they are also working with the DME vender of my choice to get all the repairs done and have authorized a replacement of the entire chair if it can't be repaired. I've had plenty of other airlines bang up my chair and their response is normally I can pay out of pocket and submit a claim back to them.

    If I'm buying a ticket; Southwest is always my choice since I can get on the plane in my manual chair and then transfer without the aisle chair and you can check 2 bags for free.

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    I fly Delta a few times per year and they have some sort of new system that emails you a survey after each time you fly. I think it's only for people who call ahead and request accessible services. Actually, I don't really know how I got on it, but I got a survey after every time I flew. It made it really easy to comment on accessible services.

    t*burst is right - the people who help you down the jetway, transfer you into an aisle chair, and board you on the plane are employees of the airport, not the airline. If it's a luggage issue, that's usually the airline's responsibility.

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    I have flown with Delta once since my SCI seven years ago and the the one time I did a piece from my chair was missing. Since it wasn't a major part of the chair I let it go, but customer service seemed so non-chalant about it.
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    Thanks all for your was helpful!

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    Is the worst for being on time. I am stuck in Detroit right now they cancelled my flight last nite not due to weather an did not have another flight until 15 hrs later. Put us up at a days inn. No wheelchair shuttle. Had to drag my butt into a very tall van and sit on the floor, even after they delta told us it was a wheelchair van. The shuttle service said they don't have a wheelchair van. Did the whole thing back to the airport this morning, hopeing they don't cancel again. I just want to get home. Was teaching sking all week at ds usa ski spec in breckenridge co.
    Hope my mono ski makes the trip ok.

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