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Thread: PowerBookG4 died, reluctantly ordered MacBook Pro pft

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    Waaaaahhhh! Whining yet again! My old G4 is now saying "no airport card installed" annnndddd now my whole row of keys, starting with "a" is not working I called a local place, he said the parts would be so expensive it's not worth fixing but this is not just an old decrepit laptop! this is my keepsake with important files, photoshop,,,, Words of advice from the techies, Apple lovers...? por favor? :/

    ETA" Still lovin my big lovely Apple desktop. Trackpad is perfect! <3
    "The sweet is not as sweet without the bitter"
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    LOL, Sorry to hear about your G4 but dang girl you beat that computer to death. Not too many end up that way; most are just discarded.

    Sounds like a new upgrade is a comin'. You've earned it. I'm sure you're going to miss the classy look of the G4.
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    I have revived it 2x! I'm weird that way. I don't like change! My boyfriend bought me an iPad but i don't use it often :/ I use my iPhone, desktop but i miss my Lapzilla g4 Time to let it go i guess.

    I am very happy my 27" desktop and hope to coddle it for the next 10 yrs haha
    "The sweet is not as sweet without the bitter"
    ~"Vanilla Sky"~

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    Honey, I broke the super computer

    I have my old G3 12" iBook with OSX 10.3 the last to use the Unix security model to do something like Apple Creator. The cold cathode back light has gone noisy. I still use my G4 desktop every day, but it is running GNU/Linux. Only diff with my AMD64 is G4 is single core and limited to 32-bit memory. For most single thread apps G4 is no slower for some such as cryptography G4 is much faster (as I re-made OpenSSL with flags below).

    BTW AltiVec G4 (32-bit -mcpu=G4 -mpowerpc-gfxopt -maltivec -mabi=altivec -fsigned-char) and G5 (64-bit -mcpu=G5 -mpowerpc-gfxopt -maltivec -mabi=altivec -fsigned-char) are much faster than SSE Core2 (-march=nocona -msse3 -mfpmath=sse) using state of the art Tree-SSA compiler (Gcc>=3.5). I still don't understand the Intel transition. This compiler was around during the transition so they could have kept AltiVec (aka Velocity Engine). I have 15" i5 MBP and its slow. Slow in GNU/Linux too.

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    Sounds likes old G4 about to die and should connect it via fire wire (boot T) diskutil repair and then migration assistant, to get those photos, apps, etc.

    Last OSX you can run on POWER is 10.5. I am running all Intel Macs at home on 10.6, because I require 56k modem support for my MBP or memory limitations of Intel iMac and wife's MB. Normally you can only migrate from one or two previous releases so you may need the machine in working state with sufficient memory so you can upgrade it first.

    Intel Macs are powered by coal and steam. You have to plug them in to the coal and steam (mains power) to use them.

    ARM iPads are RISC machines and can run of battery all day. Can add Pages, Numbers and BlueTooth keyboard if desired. Can get a camera kit for USB in the other direction and SD card. Can then put USB keyboard on too! A laptop that is actually portable! In time you will use the low function iPad more than Mac because of this.

    I have 10.3, 10.5, 10.6 retail handy for rescuing old Macs.

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