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Thread: PowerBookG4 died, reluctantly ordered MacBook Pro pft

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    PowerBookG4 died, reluctantly ordered MacBook Pro pft

    Ok, so, I've revived my beloved Apple PowerBook G4 17" lapzilla 2 x. It was time to orderva new laptop but I really think the MacBookPro looks chincy compared to my gorgeous, classy, rich (yeah vintage) looking G4.
    I was at Apple last night and was so sad to learn they no longer service my ancient laptop I was hoping to bring him back to life and spotted the lovely 27" desktop which is significantly cheaper than the 17" laptop I ordered :/ Quite torn. I need a new computer but am managing with my iPad my boyfriend bought me and my new 4s iPhone. But I would love to get my old PowerBook fixed and get the gorgeous, cheaper desktop!

    Any advice Apple addicts?? My new one will be delivered Nov 30th but considering returning it for desktop and crossing fingers my old baby can be resurrected once again.
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    How do you like your new mac?

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    I've got the 27" Mac tricked out to the max. Love it. Ithought the screen may be too large but got used to it really fast. Ip;ay Worldof Warcraft and the fast speed really is nice.

    The old Powerbood is just too old. It won't handle the new technology and software. My wife has the Mac Laptop and Ipad and uses them both extensivley.

    For me, I don't use a computer outside of the house so I love the desktop. My wife does both so uses a laptop, Ipad , 21 " desktop plus an Itouch. For me the desktop can be built faster and has better graphics.

    I hear you on the G4, We have a couple here in the closet gathering dust. they are ancient but they look classy a heck.

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    what do you use to clean the titanium, mine has finger, ect spots everywhere. i cant believe mine is 4 years old already. It runs perfect.

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    I like it, some cool features. I'm still learning and getting used to all the advanced features and fancier trackpad. With every laptop, it takes me a week or so to master the trackpad. I can't utilize all the new trackpad tricks that involve 2-3 fingers...but i'm getting the hang of it.
    It's definitely way faster

    Ahhh, i'm totally jelly over the 27" desktop, that one is hot! Very professional, serious business, layout looking, love it!

    Liz, the new ones come with a cloth like an eye glass cloth but my old one, i used a lightly damp cloth w/tiny bit of antibacterial soap and wiped it down. The can of air cleaners are important too, or a vacuum....I've been closing mine at night to cut down on dust.

    I'm now waiting for wireless printer/fax/scanner my printer is ancient too :/

    Merry X-Mas and Happy B-Day to me! No shopping for myself for a good while!:P
    "The sweet is not as sweet without the bitter"
    ~"Vanilla Sky"~

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    I have a 17" powerbook circa 2004 that needs some repairs and I've found some websites with instructions online to do the necessary repairs that mine need...I've purchased the necessary parts(mostly from e-bay) but it could still use some more ram when I get it up and running...I LOVE LOVE LOVED it & miss it working...Do you know what's wrong with your power-book? If you're at all technically savvy it CAN be repaired yourself...I'd gladly tinker with it if you'd be willing to let me...IDK where in south FL you are, but i'm in Central FL...about 1.5 hrs from anywhere on the SW coast or Orlando...3hrs from anywhere on the east coast....
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    Lorrie, you might want to get a silicone keyboard cover to keep dust (and crumbs) out, too. I use one like this on my MacBook and on my iMac (sadly, only the new 21.5", not the awesome 27" like Patrick has).

    Best Buy: KB Covers - Keyboard Cover for Select Apple MacBook Laptops - Clear/Black

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    Thanks For cleaning info I'll try it.

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    Thank you, Chelle! You're super kind I'm down in S Fl., Weston, near Ft L. The Apple genius at the store thinks it's the circuit board. I also had a faulty power cord which may have contributed, i have 1 on the way that i bought on Ebay My monitor stayed black when the Apple G plugged it in, but lights came on power cord, front button....I'll call a licensed rep as i'm not very tech savvy

    Thanks, Rus! Will it impede at all with typing as a quad? I'm guessing not but want to check since i use one hand, one finger

    Good luck, Liz. Keeping our computers clean is very important,,, dust, liquids...can kill them quick!

    Thank you, peeps
    "The sweet is not as sweet without the bitter"
    ~"Vanilla Sky"~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorrie View Post
    Thanks, Rus! Will it impede at all with typing as a quad? I'm guessing not but want to check since i use one hand, one finger
    It doesn't for me, but it will add a little resistance. I actually like the traction on the keys that it gives me.

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