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Thread: iPhone carrier

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    iPhone carrier

    AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint? Go!

    • Reliability
    • Speed
    • Cost
    • Others?

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    Don't know about Texas, but AT&T and Sprint coverage can be pretty spotty in many areas.
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    Sprint cause they have unlimited data plans and because I own shares in it

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    at&t has double the speed of verizon and 3x faster than sprint. you can only talk and surf with at&t. all plans cost about the same. just go with ever gives you better coverage in your area.
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    Go with the best coverage in your area I have Verizon because that is what is good around here.

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    i have att and its gr8, agree w/ cripple4life
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    i have the iphone 4s the data on sprint is unlinmited but slow most of the time

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    i use wifi to remedy the data speed

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    i am now switching to the htc evo 4g for faster data speeds

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