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Thread: Reeve Says Spinal Repair Human Trials Under Way

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    BTW, in case anyone is wondering why I think Reeve should stand up for ESC but maybe not therapeutic's the answer:

    Right now we can match tissue for organ transplants with a high degree of success. This same method can be applied with stem cells from leftover embryoes and stem cells from umbilical cord blood.

    Umbilical cord stem cells can be propogated a long time and have many of the same properties as ESC. If we focused on making thousands of these lines available we'd be successful - there's litle to no controversy surounding them. SCNT [therapeutic cloning] is embroiled in controversy.

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    You make some good points, but your points aren't a part of my argument. It seems that things have become blurred along the way - he has done a wonderful job of publicizing SCI and he has raised money; he hasn't done more than anybody to help our cause. You win your argument and I win mine.

    I don't think Dr. Huang has done more than anybody to help our cause - that was just one name I threw out. I'll qualify that statement by saying that I feel he has done more to make the "cure" a reality than CR(sorry). Dr. Lima should have my MRI soon and I may be a patient for his next trial.

    I know I haven't given much evidence for why I don't like him, but that doesn't mean I'm against him. Hell, I hate Warren Sapp, but I still want the Bucs to win. I support CR's efforts and I'm happy for the publicity, but I'm not going to agree with all that he says. I still don't like him. I don't know what the ultimate fix will be - OEG, ESC, or something else, but I'll gladly leave the country to have it done.

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    I still think it is as I originally said, that it is a mistake on the interpretation of Reeve or a reporting mistake. I think the Article was Meant to say OEG trials, after all thats one big reason he is in Australia now, and a lot of people dont even know about those trials.

    I think Reeve has done a great job in raising awareness of SCI and fund raising. There are a lot of other famous people who have been Paralyzed before him and have done nothing including not even donating funds towards research because they accepted their Doctors words and think any cure is not possible.

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    One way or the other, this is a put up or shut up statement from Reeve. Of that, there can be no doubt.

    In all honesty, I can´t picture Reeve just throwing this announcement out recklessly into the media world without having anticipated all the reactions it would generate.

    He must have known and understood that by making such a statement, the eagle eye would be focused bigtime on him in the future, and especially from the SCI community.

    He has spent some of his political capital saying what he did. Time will surley tell if this was a wise investment.

    I hope he doesn´t drop the football on this one, and I do hope that the research comes up with some new discoveries.

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    Well Jeff, you claim not to understand or know my arguements against CR yet in the past you and I have butted heads on this issue.

    1. You think CR should be allowed to announce treatments and advances without filling us in. I disagree, I think those of us who help finance his foundations and who have suffered longer than he has deserve to be informed as well. You might not agree and that is ok, it is however my right as a human being, and a fellow sci to demand more info.

    2. I think CR is a SCI elitest snob. He talks about FES thearapy like we all can afford it. He says he has "walked" in a swimming pool while being held up by four physio therapists, he does his tread mill exercises and the news says "CR walks". He gets daily therapy treatments, visits from his doctors to his home etc. He has the luxury of getting first class treatment to keep himself in the best shape possible for the day the cure comes. Wonderful for him!! My concern is that from his ivory tower looking down on all the little people he forgets to mention to Larry King that 99% of those that suffer from sci live month to month and cannot afford these luxuries he takes for granted. "Let them eat cake" I can imagine him saying.

    3. False hope is a cruel thing and he uses that as a tool to save his own sanity from the concept that he will be disabled.

    I will say it again Jeff, hopefully this time you will try to understand. I think CR has done some amazing things to hurry us to a cure for this sci prison we all live in!! Get it? Got it? Good!!

    That said he has also done the sci world a diservice by speaking about things he assumes is good for everyone. He speaks in a way that gives others a false sense that one day we will all be repaired and restored to our former selves. When and if he gets walking again he will have his money to thank. The money bought him his daily therapy, the doctors visits, the access to the latest and greatest treatments. When the day comes to get himself cured he will not worry about the money, he will move to the front of the line and leave the rest of the sci world that isn't so well off to sit there with hat in hand hoping for a lotttery win so that they might experience the same fortune as CR.

    Then, those who get left behind, those whose bodies didn't get the care that CR managed to receive will get a chance to watch CR on Larry King letting the world know that "Hard work, the never give up attitude is why he is standing today", letting the world know that if you are an sci still in a chair that you were just to freakin lazy to try as hard as CR.

    I know you don't agree with me Jeff, I could care less, what is important to me is that many many other scis do agree, are concerned for their futures and are disgusted by CR's lack of concern for those of us that will be left behind simply because we weren't afforded the luxuries that he takes for granted.

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    I'm sure glad to be out here in CA because the weather must really be a back east because you guys must have alot of time to be sitting here bitching about this.

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    Minus 30 here yeah, I have some time on my hands.

    With weather like yours what is your excuse for being here?

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    Just back from the beach.

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    I've enjoyed todays comments as a great day to waste time reading them.
    But I just went out and pee'd in the wind and probably accomplished more.
    I'm sorry Seneca, please delete this off topic comment. As for off topic anyone know where and if Max is ok? Miss his important input.

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    1.C.R. doesn't owe you anything; he does what he does because he is a good man and a leader. (Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way).
    2.C.R. is out front advocating that insurance companies provide coverage for FES for all of us. He has demonstrated that physical exercise can have a hugh benefit to SCI. Exercise helped me tremendously, with no money. I don't believe he is looking down on anyone, he is suffering with a severe sci, he can't breathe on his own, and still travels around the world and leads. He always explains that sci people cannot afford the care he gets. "Let them eat cake" you imagine, I doubt it.
    3.In your profile you said cure will be here eventually, so where is the false hope? You believe it yourself. It will be false hope if we all sit on our ass and condemn our leaders.
    4.You sound like you resent C.R. because he had some success and good fortune in life. I say "Good for him". He is now using it to help.
    5.C.R. does not have a lack of concern for those left behind; he is trying to help them. C.R. does not have great wealth, he made some money in show business, you make him sound like Bill Gates.

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