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Thread: Happy Anniversary Donno

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    Look at how handsome you are in that photo!!! Your wife is so cute!!! Currently I'm watching Mad Men and I think I'm falling in love with that era, even though I didn't live through it.
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    ...and they lived happily ever after!!!

    Many blessings to you both!!!


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    Well done Mr. & Mrs. Donno! 45 years together's no mean feat.

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    Congrats Donno! I loved the pics.

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    Best Wishes and Congratulations to you and your lovely wife. NL and I are not far behind...celebrating 43 year in May 2012...and they said it wouldn't last!!!

    All the best,
    GJ and NL

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    We were 17 and 20, and nobody thought that we would last either. Two months later I had been transferred to Okinawa, and couldn't get her to join me for another 6 months and I was promoted to Sergeant. She didn't arrive until 2 weeks before my daughter was born.
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    Hope you and the Mrs. had a wonderful anniversary it is refreshing to see couples last. It must be all the charm..
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    Happy anniversery, you can be proud being married so long time
    TH 12, 43 years post

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