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Thread: Endometrial ablation experiences

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    Endometrial ablation experiences

    I was wondering if anyone has benefited from having this type of procedure. I am 18 years post injury (C4-5) and experience AD (not severe) with my menstrual cycle.

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    Hi, I had the ablation on January 5th, 2011. I love it. My period pretty much went away completely. Occassionally there is tiny spots but nothing more. My sister had it and it changed only slightly. She went from 7 day heavy periods to 5 day moderate. She is 32 and able bodied. I am 35 and 18 years post injury as well. Not sure if it makes a difference for the acutal outcome of the procedure. I am so thankful that I got it!
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    Endometrial ablation experiences

    I had an ablation in 2008 and I can say that it was for nothing. I had fibroids and my menstral cycle was from 8-10 days. As per my GYN my cycle would go away for a few months or be shorter.. Well my cycle was back within 2 weeks.. Then in 2009 a year to the date of my ablation I underwent a partial hysterectomy. I have to say that I am doing so well and happy.

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    I had an ablation on October 20th, 2011 because I have my period every 3 weeks and have for the last 3 years. I had a period in November, but it was very light compared to what it normally is and haven't had a period since then. I do spot and cramp sometimes after having sex. The cramps are pretty severe right after but continue to lessen over the next 24 hours and then they're gone. The spotting is very minimal and is gone within a few hours.

    I haven't decided yet whether I'm happy with it or not. Right now, I'd say no bc of the cramping and a loss of interest in sex. I'm hoping that those things will get better with time. I figure I'll reserve judgement until 6 months and see how things are then.
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    Mine was a year ago yesterday and I have not had a period. Only mild spotting at the same time each month. I'm very pleased with mine and hope that you get some relief soon.
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    I had mine about 3 years ago and havent had a drop of blood since. Love it!
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    I never heard of this, googled, very interesting! I lost my battle with endometriosis well over 20-years ago, this type procedure wasn't around. Anything to bring relief to the nightmare of endo, I would say go for it!

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