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    happy tday to all. i am thankful for my son, lindsi and everybody i've met here. i am thankful for this site, to wise and all sci nurses. many of you have seen me through some hard times and have forgiven the times my posts weren't what i intended. THANK YOU CC COMMUNITY.

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    Happy Thanksgiving, Cass, and to everyone here.

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    Happy Thanksgiving!!

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    Have a great day...and enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.
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    Happy Thanksgiving all. CC community has helped me so much and I am thankful for that.

    My wonderful GF is coming over soon with a 12lb turkey (smallest we could find) and all sorts of stuff. We'll finish up the cooking here including my attempt at the simplist pumpkin pie. Been cleaning all morning and I'm beat but it should be a happy day.

    Thanks everyone for being there so many times when I needed you.

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