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Thread: Snowmobile w/ wheelchair carrier

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    Snowmobile w/ wheelchair carrier

    This is how i spend my winters...

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    Hey JD, thats an awsome setup! I've got a 05 MXZ-X 800 that I want to do the same thing to. Hopefully you don't mind but I'll be stealing your design for sure!
    How do you stay on the machine? I'm strapped on which isn't the best thing but I don't see how else to stay put as we ride fairly aggressively.


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    Question Staying on machine

    Nice looking set up JD... I also was wondering how you stay on board we tried commercial Velcro on Wed figured it would give way in case of a roll over?

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    Thanks guys.
    I dont use anything to stay on. I can keep myself centered til i hit a bump in the corners then i need to slow and move back to the middle of the sled. Also, the wheels tend to keep me from moving off the seat as well. they kinda act like side supports i guess. I have heard of guys using intustrial velcro and straps but it that baby goes over i want to be as far from it as possible. Tim, this is my third design and it works by far much better if you can mount the chair to the sled using the frame and not the wheels. much more solid... i wanted to do it on my viper but didnt have the room so i made it work. Im also going to be working on a new seat design in the next year... Let me know if you need any help as i can help you out as much as i can from here.

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    Very nice! I've tried to get back into snowmobiling but it hurts my back quite a bit. If you get down by Fremont stop in for a beer (or soda etc).

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    Haven't been on a sled in 5 years. My hubby is trying to get me to ride a 2up but I'm not sure I can do that-LOL. I have a 1997 Polaris XCR 440. Thoughts on design?

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    its not easy but almost any snowmobile is possible. i like the chair on backwards so the wheels help keep you in. other than that it is pretty much a custom job.

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    I run mine the same way... Works good, I use a ratchet strap and really crank it down.

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    As for legs I have tried everything.

    A kneeboard strap works really good. It locks down pretty good so I only hope it would break me loose. I have also done a very expensive quick realase buckle from a nascar web page. I had a rope to my left arm and it breaks it loose when I pull away....

    Can send pics if people are intereasted.

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    nice. looks good...

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