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Thread: Best choice for a doctor?

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    Best choice for a doctor?

    Dx 1988 ms. 2000 forward, dx celiac 01, multiple stress fractures since 06. MY Right leg since the fractures began is getting shorter, use 2 inserts in rgt shoe, but is getting worse. Just at family doctors office to review new MRI's (will see neurologist 11'28). At this appt my dr said I have osteo, fibromyalgia and the MRI shows mild scoliosis to the right with the start of kaphosis (hump on back).

    She doesn't think a bone density test is necessary and seems laid back about trying to correct or advising how to stop advancement of on going issues. And the list is growing, I am 50 and she just says it is all part of getting older.

    I think I should switch to a different primary.

    Question is, who is best with everything I have going on to know when to send me to a specialist and or can offer treatment options themself?

    I am thinking an Internal Medicine doctor, can any one advise?

    I feel like I'm falling apart and would like a more proactive approach then what my current Dr is offering.

    Thank you!
    Best Regards,

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    Hi Minnie,
    My husband is a C6/7 complete quad. I am his caregiver. I am a reasonably healthy post menopausal woman and in just under 3 years I have lost about 2 inches in height, no sign of Kyphosis (spinal hump). I talked to my primary care physician about my concerns and he ordered a DXA (DEXA), a dual-emission X-ray absorptiometry scan, and referred me to an Endocrinologist for consultation about treatment.

    If your primary care doctor won't order a DXA and if you can self refer, I would urge you to find an Endocrinologist who would order the scan. Other doctors, who may be of help are an Orthopedist or a Physiatrist. If you can't self refer and your primary care doctor is uncooperative, definitely look into changing. I don't think it makes much difference whether you go to a primary care physician or and internist, as long as you find a physician who you can trust, with whom you can develop a rapport, and who is willing to work with you on the medical issues you face.

    Consider discussing blood tests with your physician for calcium and Vitamin D levels.

    As you are considering changing phyicians, try to get copies of any tests, x-rays (actual films or CD) and scans (actual films or CD) and radiologist reports to carry with you to physicians with who you may meet. To find our WONDERFUL primary care physician, my husband and I got lots of recommendations from friends and medical specialists and read as much about them as we could on the internet. Then we narrowed the group to 3 and we paid out of pocket for an interview appointment. This was really money well spent to get a sense of their treatment style and how we would get along together.

    NL (GJ's wife and caregiver)

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    Thank you NL.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Best Regards,

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