Dx 1988 ms. 2000 forward, dx celiac 01, multiple stress fractures since 06. MY Right leg since the fractures began is getting shorter, use 2 inserts in rgt shoe, but is getting worse. Just at family doctors office to review new MRI's (will see neurologist 11'28). At this appt my dr said I have osteo, fibromyalgia and the MRI shows mild scoliosis to the right with the start of kaphosis (hump on back).

She doesn't think a bone density test is necessary and seems laid back about trying to correct or advising how to stop advancement of on going issues. And the list is growing, I am 50 and she just says it is all part of getting older.

I think I should switch to a different primary.

Question is, who is best with everything I have going on to know when to send me to a specialist and or can offer treatment options themself?

I am thinking an Internal Medicine doctor, can any one advise?

I feel like I'm falling apart and would like a more proactive approach then what my current Dr is offering.

Thank you!