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Thread: MVA, Probs. in back, what should I do?

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    Question MVA, Probs. in back, what should I do?

    Who pays and what should I do?

    I recently was in a MVA last week.. I am afraid to seek medical care since the jury is out as to who is at fault. 4 vehicles were in the accident, two left the scene. One behind me left and infront of me. One guy in the front says it is my fault. It's upsetting. I got the ticket because he just won't stop talking. Mr. BIG TRUCK with spot lights was two cars behind me glaring away. Hard to see, I wanted to get off the freeway right away, but couldn't see that well. Oh, brother. There were 16 accidents that night.

    I was under care for all the things you discussed like DDD, crevical problems, thoraic, lumbar... already have a neck plate and a C5-6 bone implant missing along with denting of a thecal sac... TBI

    The cops kept asking me about drugs. I don't take meds or drugs due to allergies. I gather that will be in the report. How damaging!!! I had a migraine and I took one tynelol.

    If I don't get help, what could happen? If I do, will they just say "It's all from the last accident?"

    In the past, the person who hit me didn't give me any $$$ and the end result is much problems and lots of bills. 1000K out of pocket, co-pays. Don't have that now. Auto didn't pay either way. So, who pays? Me?

    I can't afford more bills. Is this going to be a prob. for me with a bad neck both medically and bill wise? It's a mess, the entire back. What to do?

    They will know I had injuries, just by the fact I have a neck plate and have been under care. I just had cortisone shots a week ago. Oh, brother...

    I didn't get imagining yet, but my Pain Specialist wants MRIs.

    tessy who is worried

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    So you have no health insurance and were driving uninsured? And so was the other driver?

    You need to seek medical attention immediately. Who pays for it gets worked out by the opposing insurance companies once you file claims and/or report the accident to them (given that the parties involved were insured).

    If you or the other parties were not insured, you may be subject to state legal action if you are in a state where car insurance for liability is required.

    If there was a question about any of the parties being under the influence, the police should have taken them into custody and required tox screens. Was this done?

    This is a legal and insurance/money issue, not a health issue, so I am moving this to another forum.


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    Thumbs down Lots of Insurance with Pre existing conditions

    I have lots of insurance up to 100,000. I am worried that my insurance won't pay since they will say I have pre-existing conditions, like the bone in my thecal sac. I have a plate in my neck that is obvious. So, why would they pay for me to get a MRI like my doc wants? They said, if I am at fault, I get nothing.

    No one was DUI from my knowledge. Two people left the scene. So, due to the position of my car #3, I was blamed by #1. #2 and #4 cars left the scene.

    So, I got the ticket since #1 says his car was scratched on under the bumper by #2. No other damage was done nor was he hurt.

    I was hurt, but I fear all the ramifications. I have both car insurance and health insurance. Which do I use?

    I don't know how it is done when it comes to the docs and all since the last accident someone ran a red light who hit me, trapped me in the car on its side and that person carried no insurance, nothing. He received no ticket at all. I did not receive a ticket either. I did have a TBI which has impaired me some. I had many spine issues, so it's pretty well had it overall. I do exercise to keep the muscles up, even though I have nerve damage. I paid using my health insurance. It cost big money to rectify some of the issues!! I lost my job too since it was too stressful as a teacher with a TBI, multi-tasking is difficult now.

    I am sorry to be confusing. I don't understand the rules of insurance and my cervical, thoraic, and lumbar have problems from nerves being narrowed, joints, discs rupturing, stenosis.... However, I am worried about that bone denting the thecal sac.

    I sure appreciate you helping me out. Thank you!
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    If you have insurance, you should have already contacted your insurance company and provided them with the details as well as the identity and insurance contact info of the other drivers. They will duke it out between the various insurances. It is foolish to neglect your own injuries simply because you are concerned about the insurance and payment issues.


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    SCI-Nurse has good advice. If you're concerned about your health, you should seek information from a specialist that can diagnose your conditions. You shouldn't wait. Otherwise, you'll just continue to speculate while your problem potentially gets worse.

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    cauda equina

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    Thank you SCI Nurse, Daniel and metronycguy. Ya, AZ. sucks in some ways. Anything goes in the wild, wild west. The rules are strange. Who knows why those hit and runs leave, maybe no insurance. Hard to say.

    I will get imagining again, even though I had it in April for my Pain Management Specialist who gave me facet injections in my mid back and neck. Other than that, I will hope he can assist me. I am hopeful some of it will fade.

    I imagine the insurance companies will fight over who pays, maybe me!

    I hiked today and yesterday. I can tell, I am not the same in one week's time.

    Thank you for your kindness. I understand cauda equina. Thanks, tessy.

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    Is your pain management specialist your only doctor? I'd think that a neurologist might be a more appropriate specialist after this car accident.

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    Thanks, Dan,

    I have little faith in neurologists. I have had them in the past from the previous accident. I have nerve damage in my arms.

    Yes, the pain specialist is my only doc for this accident. It was a fender bender pile up. But, it has torn some muscles. I am not sure what else it has done.

    I had to seek out a neuropsychologist for the post TBIs. I knew I was "different". I hid all my errors as a teacher. I sought two MAs and received them. I have never been the same.

    It's complicated. I never told them my mother choked me a lot and I had lost consciousness as a child. I was afraid I would be tagged as something... It's too much.

    Anyways, thanks for your concern. I do think this recent accident messed up something in my back. I am waiting to see if it heals on its own as the ER doc said. Not sure why he didn't do x-rays. But, I am sure, nothing is broken.

    Thank you so much! Big Hug

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