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Thread: Low Level (Cold) Laser Therapy Spinal Cord Regeneration

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    Red face Low Level (Cold) Laser Therapy Spinal Cord Regeneration

    I am about 4 months post spinal cord injury (C7 ASIA B). I am considering low level laser therapy to promote regenerative healing. Does anyone have experience with or more knowledge of this type of therapy?

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    Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)

    did you see the video of LLLT for spinal cord injuries presented by Prof Juanita Anders

    The lab studies on rats show a good effect on acute spinal cord injuries,

    A few ambitious SCI patients with chronic injuries (years) have purchased equipment for home use, after extended use there is reduction in pain, improved sensation and maybe some small changes in function. I could probably introduce you to them if you contact me direct.

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    Any more info on the SCI patients who purchased equipment?

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