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Thread: Oeg's in Brisbane Trial .

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    Finally a result ( maybe not quite the one we were after ) . Hopefully Dr Sims will hold some kind of confrerrence here in brisbane to detail his findings (if he hasn't already).

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    Quote Originally Posted by fti
    There were no significant functional changes in any patients and no neuropathic pain.
    .. ok, I think we know now, thanks to all the staff.. May be we should stop loosing time and money with OEG?.. Or are we going to a combinated therapy?.. OEG + Decorin?..

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    Were any of the patients given intensive exercise programs after the transplantation? Just curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wise Young
    Eric, the so-called glial scar hypothesis has been questioned by many investigators. Several therapies have now been demonstrated to regenerate the spinal cord even though they do not address the issue of glial scar. For example, Martin Schwab's IN-1 treatment, the OEG studies, and Dr. Kawaguchi's experiments all show that regeneration can occur despite the presence of the glial scar. The work of Jerry Silver, Elizabeth Bradbury, Fawcett, and others suggest that the extracellular matrix surrounding the "glial scar" is a more important barrier than the glial scar itself. Wise.

    Is that why Dr. Stephen Davies research cannot find corporate funding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jhope
    Is that why Dr. Stephen Davies research cannot find corporate funding?
    Hello, the post from Dr. Young you're quoting was posted in january 2003. Things have changed a lot since that time..

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