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Thread: Has anyone had long term issues from mitroffanof?

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    No problems with mine although I know a few women on CC that have had probs w/ leaking and/or scarring. Got mine in 2005 I think. I was 2 or 3 yrs post sci...something like that. Got tired of having to lie down to cath. One of the best things I did.

    I had a supra pubic for only 2weeks during recovery and I agree wearing a tube and bag wasn't for me!
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    If you choose the mitro route, go with doc that does belly button only! I am ok w my overall result w/exception to location (to right of bb). My doc switched my marking right before surgery :/ Took me forever to accept this little bullet hole in my stomach, still think it's yuck. The bb ones are much better. Otherwise, it is worth doing.
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    I had mine done in 2000, mitro only which is a much less complicated procedure. Of all the options out there for female quads and bladder management this surgery is a no brainer. Everything about this injury is going to scare you but this procedure is definitely worth it. I'm surprised you need the aug, though. You haven't been injured for that long, I would figure your bladder would still be able to hold enough to not have to have the aug. Having a cath in 24/7 can cause cancer, as well, plus so many other cons. My doc was a pediatric uro and talked me into this. He used my appendix and made the hole in my bellybutton. You can't tell it's there. Btw, this is Kim from Greenville. I think I talked to you about this procedure when you were in rehab. I'm glad you are considering it.

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    I have the mitro with Aug. lower right abdomen. Never had any issues & I actually honor my long scar & "blowhole" for giving me control & freedom. My only question is with pregnancy, how would the belly button positioning work? I had no issues with my pregnancy & cathing but wonder about the bb. Anyone have experience to share?
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    My mitro was done in '05 two years after my accident. I also had a pediatric urologist who focused mainly on children with Spina Bifida too. He used my appendix and did not do an aug. He is an AWESOME doc!! I would do this 1,000 again if I had to. It has made my life so much easier. No bags attached when I go out in public. I drain into a disposable kit on a schedule and go one with life. If you ever want to talk feel free to pm me and I will give you my phone number or we can skype if you want. I have no problem showing you my scar and opening as well as the type of closed disposable cath's that I use which really have helped cut down on the uti's (I still get a uti every couple of years or so now, but it usually happens when I am in a hurry. Before I wasn't even able to kick them with IV antibiotics). I have a bunch of spare unopened sterile cath's I could send you if you haven't tried that type of setup yet. They are really great!!! Nothing to wash. Just throw the whole works away. Best of luck! Janet

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    I got the Mitro surgery in 2007 and only have had the normal mucus issue. I love it. I'm C5/C6. I feel great about cathing every 3 hours, which I can do myself because of my tendon transfers on both of my hands. Mitro works great for my lifestyle.

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