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Thread: My morning PCA asked to be paid in advance 3 weeks in a row

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    I agree. If it's only 1 week of pay that she's asked for advance on 3 weeks ago, sounds like she simply had an unexpected expense and hasn't been able to get caught up.

    Doesn't seem like chronic money problems.

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    In my opinion when hired help starts behaving this way clearly it is a time to run a new classified ad or advertise however you may choose to, for new help.

    Human nature never changes. After certain amount time people get very comfortable and that is a good thing 90% of the time. For the other 10%, after 34 years, I have seen it all. Drug theft, robbery, sexual behavior, etc. any of these indicate a person has reached that comfort level and beyond and therefore it is time to be cut back, fired or warned.

    That's my two cents. It's probably a good thing I do not work in human resources.

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    I know that this doesn't answer your question but I hold back a weeks pay. I have done that since I first started hiring aides, which has been about three years now. Maybe you could let it slide this time but with the condition that you won't be able to again in the future. Of course you would have to find a diplomatic way of putting it.

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    Having a PCA that has been that reliable for so long is a big deal, so I would not want to replace her.
    Can you tell her that you don't want to get in the habit of this?
    We ran into this with one of my husband's aides when paying out of pocket and I felt really awkward about it.

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    If I read the title correctly the problem is not that she has done this once, but rather THREE times in THREE weeks, aka asking to be paid in advance every week. If this is the case I would do one of a couple things.
    1) I would sit down and have a conversation with her about how she is very reliable, always comes to work as expected, etc. but that when you have a job at XYZ employer (any employer) and you sign a contract of what your wages will be, when you get paid, etc. XYZ employer does not then hand you your first paycheck and say "now, since you will be working for me here is some money up front." The fact is, you are paid for the work that is COMPLETED, not TO BE completed at a later date.
    -If you keep giving her advances, she will start expecting them to become more permanent, or that to even become her new pay schedule (since she is paid on a weekly basis). This means that if she decided to leave you high and dry and quit without notice, you would also lose the $325 that you had already paid her for the week.
    2). I would sit down and have a chat with her about her financial needs and how you can assist her with that. If she needs to be paid on Monday instead of Friday, that can be accommodated, but she will be given one last "advance" and then work for a week without being paid on the regular date (work one week to pay off the advance, then work a regular work week) and her new pay schedule will resume on Monday instead of Friday so that she can pay her bills when they are due, etc. That way it becomes her new pay schedule, she is being paid after services are rendered, etc. and it does not leave you high and dry if she decides to quit without notice.
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    I've lived hand to mouth before, and it sounds like that's where she is now. Unless she gets an infusion of cash from somewhere, she will *need* the money on Monday just to keep her head above water. You need to work out with her to start getting back to being paid a day later every week or two until she is not being paid in advance. Probably makes sense to wait until after Christmas to start.

    Just my $ 0.02...
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    if i had to pay i would not pay in advance for fear of her not showing up

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