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Thread: My morning PCA asked to be paid in advance 3 weeks in a row

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    My morning PCA asked to be paid in advance 3 weeks in a row

    She always shows up for the other four days, but I believe I'm allowing her to set an undesirable precedent.

    She has asked her afternoon able-bodied house cleaning clients for outright loans. If I ever lend her money (other than the advance pay, which I know I should not do) feel free to come to Connecticut and put me out of my misery.

    I know Fuentejps, if he employed attendants, wouldn't put up with this.

    "Oh, you want to be paid in advance? Here's $1,000 to pay for this broken jaw.


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    if she's dependable and does a good job, paying in advance is not really a problem, but don't go further on pay
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    We never pay in advance, and that condition of employment is included in our PCA contract. What will you do if they don't show up for work? Quit or are fired during that time period? Loans are similarly a very bad idea.


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    pca being paid early

    Try to find a new am aide. I agree with SCI Nurse

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    I have been plotting ways to dump her for about a year. One drawback is she has only missed about four days in 3 years and a couple of those were because of snowstorms.

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    Are there any other issues with her? If she causes you stress, that is enough reason. I don't put up with any nonsence. Otherwise it will continue to get out of hand.

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    How much have you advanced her? Your comments make it seem that she's just asked for 1 week's advance (i.e. she owes you one week of service).

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    It is setting a bad precedent and possibly reinforcing poor budgeting. If you do decide to do an advance, make certain it is no more than you can write off and make it clear that this is the last time. Explain to her that this is not built into your budget.
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    $325 for the week.

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    If it was me I'd advance the 325.00 because of her track record of showing up (unless she's late a lot). Can't have your cake and eat it too when it comes to help these days.

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