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Thread: Neuralstem Brings Hope to ALS!!!!

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    Neuralstem Brings Hope to ALS
    Posted by iCELL News, on 21st November 2011

    By Miriam Falco, CNN

    Atlanta (CNN) — A 50-year-old man from Trion, Georgia, is the first person to be injected with stem cells in the upper part of the spinal cord, making him yet another pioneer in the scientific quest to use stem cells to heal.

    Richard Grosjean received the treatment Friday. He is part of an ongoing FDA-approved clinical trial that is testing the safety of injecting stem cells into the spinal cords of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

    Grosjean was diagnosed a little over two years ago, his wife, Tracie, told CNN. He can still walk with a cane, but he has a lot of weakness on his left side and has trouble with his speech.

    “I’m pretty much his voice for him,” Tracie Grosjean said.

    Through his wife, Grosjean says “he has 100% confidence in Emory and Dr. (Jonathan) Glass and Dr. (Nicholas) Boulis and the good Lord that good things will come” from the trial.

    While the Grosjeans know this procedure is likely to be more helpful to others in the future who have to deal with this “horrible disease,” they have hope and faith that some good will come of this for them, too. In addition to praising Emory University, Tracie also praises her husband’s employer, Mount Vernon Mills, which she says has “bent over backwards” to keep him employed throughout his illness giving him a sense of purpose.


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    Neuralstem Brings Hope to ALS!!!!

    here are so many things we don’t know, so much of life that indeed seems random and meaningless. Yet also so much that is wonderment and joy. The Jewish new year begins this week, and as part of the ritual we ask God to write our names in the book of life for the upcoming year.

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