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Thread: TVM from Flu shot, No Ins, Needs Help

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    TVM from Flu shot, No Ins, Needs Help

    I'm looking for help for my friend who has been dx with transversemylities after he received the flu shot. He is in desperate need of not only medical care, but also the supplies that would give him some independence. I don't want to get into the story but I will say he has tried to commit suicide 2 times. Right now they have ask for help with social services which can not do anything for him, he is currently been in the hospital for the bed sore, this is the only treatment he has receive. At one point when he had insurance he was getting IVG treatment with improvement but with no insurance that came to a end. Brian also was fitted for a wheelchair the company came to deliver it and it was 3 days short of his insurance expired.
    This man needs some counseling, a wheel chair and he needs to learn some independence so he can live some what of a normal life.

    If someone can please help, as I mentioned he is currently in the hospital they want to release him but he needs a hospital bed, and counseling. I'm not sure what will happen, it just a shame a man works for 30 plus years and because of a simply flu shot he can't live life comfortable, good ole California.

    Does anyone know of a orginzation that helps with a wheel chair, etc

    Thank you,
    Kari Hollenbeck

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    How long ago was your friend diagnosed with TM? There is no real good evidence that IVIG is helpful other than during the acute episode.

    Is your friend not eligible for Medicaid (Medi-Cal) for some reason?

    Did he get any acute inpatient rehab?

    Is he on SSI or SSDI or has he already applied for these? Did he not apply for COBRA for his health insurance prior to it expiring? Is he not eligible for state disability? Is he a military veteran by any chance?

    Where in CA is he?


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