Hi, known about CC for a while, but first post... I am having a possible problem w/ a UTI, and was wondering if it is one, and how to deal with it, or if there is something else going on... I've read a lot of the posts on UTI's and haven't found anything that addressed my symptoms thus far - pointers to relevant threads welcome...

Number one symptom for the past few weeks, and getting worse lately, is that I've been spending WAY more time in bed than normal for me, and feeling very sleepy a lot of the time I'm not in bed... If nothing is making me get up, I will spend 12-16 hours / day in bed.

I do intermittent cathing, and have usually cloudy urine, with almost white sediment coming out during the last bit of a session. In addition, when prepping, I usually am able to squeeze out 1-3 drops of a yellow / white pussy looking fluid, which is thick and slippery, but does not have a noticeable odor. I often detect a bit of moisture in the area, and have some staining on my underwear that makes me think I may drip a bit regularly... The drips have been an issue pretty much all the time since my injury in 3/2010.

I'm finding that I need to cath more often than usual, but get lower volumes each time (I have some feeling, and tend to cath based on perceived pressure as opposed to a time clock - and will fairly often let myself get quite uncomfortable to make it fit my schedule otherwise. This usually leads to me cathing less often and getting larger volumes than the medical folks really like, so the increased frequency isn't ALL bad...)

I had a severe UTI a couple of months ago that put me in the hospital for a few days of IV abx followed by 30 days of the same thing orally. Not sure what the bug was, but peed clear while on the abx, the cloudiness started up again shortly after I came off, so I'm wondering if it's the same thing that didn't get K'O'ed and is now staging a comeback...

Other relevant details -

I use "Cure" closed system kits (which IMHO are the best kits of all the ones I've trialed by far) which come with a pack of three Povidone swabs that I use before hand, on the entire glans, and attempting to get as much into the tip as possible. The catheter is pre-lubed (I believe w/ K-Y or equivalent), touchless, and has an "insertion tip" that is supposed to get the catheter tip past the worst of the bacteria at the tip. The kit also has a BZK wipe that I have never really gotten a clear use instruction on, so I use it afterwards to clean off the extra iodine and excess lube, etc...

I drink a half gallon bottle of Langers "ZSA" cranberry juice cocktail (25% juice, sweetened w/ Splenda & ACE-K, not sugar) every 2-3 days. One glass is mixed with a scoop of "Green Vibrance" - a mix of 25 probiotics and "greens" In addition I drink several large glasses of water daily. I occasionally do coffee and/or tea, but not regularly - when I do it tends to be large amounts. I also drink alcohol once or twice a month in moderate amounts, primarily home-brewed meads, and a bit of single malt... Very seldom do I drink other sorts of beverages.

I also do a lot of heavy supplements including multivitamins, calcium, D3, saw palmetto, and about 5,000mg of Vit. C (Omitting most of the long list...)

Other meds are fairly minimal, as I've been trying to get off as much as possible. I now do Prilosec OTC (2x day for reflux) Lopressor (for aorta repair) and several laxatives and stool softeners. I also started using 60mg Cymbalta / day about 3 weeks ago at the suggestion of the local pain clinic to see if it helps some fairly mild neuropathic pain (Gapapentin and Lyrica didn't help, and I've dropped them)

I had one abx resistant e-coli UTI while I was in rehab, and another mild one a few months after I got out, but had been "clean" for over a year before the one that put me in the hospital mentioned above.

Sorry to be so long winded, but I was trying to include the details I saw being asked about in other posts (and I may try doing some of the things suggested like going to cranberry pills, and possibly that VF stuff...)

Suggestions welcomed...